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You will need:
Autodesk Inventor or another 3D modeling software that you are comfortable with.

Note: The original head model was from , which I then converted to an .ipt, and then rebuilt using work-planes and than making it into an amplifier with space to put a device in. The original model was just a solid head. The instructable shows you how to make turn it from a head into a fancy device amplifier :)
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Step 1: Creating the model

Start off by making a hole from the lips all the way through the back of the head with an inverted extrusion, setting the dimension to "all" (make sure to design the hole so that it is cone-shaped, which will help with amplification.

Step 2: Work Planes

Now we create a few work planes so that we can more easily edit the model.

Step 3: Creating the i-device hole

Here we create new sketches so that we can connect the mouth hole with a hole we create for the i-device to be kept in.
that is hilarious! Are you sure that this will actually work effectively as an amplifier though? have you tried out a similar shape as a test? do you plan on printing this out or manufacturing it in some other way?
searx (author)  amandaghassaei1 year ago
I definitely don't plan to print this one. The head is solid, so it would both take an extremey long time and would be very expensive. The mouth, if do correctly, is in a cone shape, so it would in fact amplify the sound. I used the cone shape idea from looking at the shape of megaphones used. I'm very sorry if the shape of the mouth was not clear, I will fix it as soon as possible.