Defy the box frame gods and create a drawing that is truly 3D.

When finished, your 3D drawing will appear as a small window into a twisted world of your creation. Wow and amaze your friends! Dazzle your... your...

OK I ran out of 1950s product gimmicks. You could give this to someone and hang it on a wall, either way it will make people ask questions, and when they do, tell them the Internet taught you. The Internet taught you a LOT of things.

But if you're ready to do this, let's go to the first step!

I'm serious!

Step 1: To Arms!

OK, not arms, but the stuff you'll need to build this. Let's see...

- A plastic box or a plastic picture frame. My local Pearl Paint was going out of business and their dreadful financial loss was my gain as I got these for almost $1 each.
- A ruler
- A pencil
- An X-ACTO Knife (refer to safety information in the picture)
- Your preferred art materials such as spraypaint and markers (human blood and tar are okay too!)
- Some card stock

Not pictured here:

- 1/4" thick foam board
- Glue
- Spare cardboard
- Tape
- My sense of self-worth ( couldnt find it )
<p>Very nice idea, the result looks great!</p>
A very cool project. Thanks for sharing.
nifty and sad in a good way, faved
I played with your 'able, I tried to load the pic but it's not letting me so here's the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Layered-Drawing-FINISHED/ Looks flat in the picture, but it's not. I do think that black and white would make it pop more. Thanks for such great instructions!!
old video box works good too
you have my endorsement on that. here's an idea, take your favorite movies on VHS, print out some screencaptures, and make a layered drawing of a scene out of the film inside of its box. but don't do it with your copy of &quot;Big Booty Honeyz 9&quot;, I ran out of ink while printing just one booty!
Nice instructible...perhaps a bit overboard on humour in places, but it was great for my tastes. I like the idea of the LED mood effects...could be pretty cool! Only problem i envisage is mounting the switch to the outside of the box in a discrete manner, but i look forward to giving it a go in future!
You remind me of James Bottomtooth.....&quot;yes, a bit overboard on the humor&quot;. XD<br />
ha! that seriously just made me laugh out loud.
i tried, but i couldn't get the reference.<br />
The prissy British man of Seth McFarlane's popular animated television show, Family Guy.<br />
For more fun, you could use a motion sensor out of a broken, gimmicky halloween prop... that could be done much&nbsp; more discretely.<br />
I voted 4.5 around step 2, after that &quot;(more detention for that one)&quot; bit I opted for Best Ever.<br /> I really like your tutorial. Apart from the humor - which I enjoyed , I especially like this because there is no led, no embedded computer system , no wiring, no batteries. Plain an simple, it just works.<br />
<big>Very cool!&nbsp; Keep your sense of humour, It's a gift. Don't be stiffled-live! laugh! enjoy</big>!
&nbsp;wow it works! :D but my eyes hurt after while :D
looks like somebody isn't hardcore enough for the 'hardcore 3D crosseyed version'. :P<br />
&nbsp;ha! ask anyone who knows me, and youre gonna be told how hardcore i am :D
I love the stereographic picture. I saw the old-school 3d pic first and instantly wished to myself you had done a stereographic representation so I could do my crosseyed examination. :D<br /> <br /> I might just do something like this...
you know, i might publish an instructable about how to make stereographic pictures.<br />
That would be very cool.&nbsp;
Nice job.
I like how you made your own frame for this- it is certainly cheaper than buying one!&nbsp; I&nbsp;am actually almost done w/ an instructable which uses LEDs behind a cutout silhouette design (not a city landscape like yours- but similar concept anyway).&nbsp; Will post it up soon- the youtube video is holding us up a little bit, it is taking forever to upload and I&nbsp;want to include that in the instructable!<br />
I like ChrysN's comment. This would be really cool&nbsp;if you worked in a few LED's
<p>WOW!!! Now this is a cool instructable!!!!</p>
Wonderful!&nbsp;I usually just read these instructables and become amused with people's creativity, but this time I might actually make this. I really enjoyed the humor with the knowledge, didn't lack on either.<br />
haha...&quot;note to self&quot;<br />
great way of showing 3D image =D
the &quot;hardcore cross eyed&quot; version works, but the reflection of your camera screws with my head :/
<p>Ooh, cool always wanted to make one of these.</p>
Neat! Adding an LED would definitely look cool!<br />

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