Make a Minecraft Steve figure out of just beads and toothpicks!

Step 1: Gather the Supplies!

You will need:

Brown, Blue, Light Blue, White, Gray, Tan, Light Brown, and Teal Perler Beads. I get mine here: http://www.koolstuff4kids.com/

1 square perler bead board (you can use more but it works with just one)

My Template https://www.dropbox.com/s/pv51zni94p25r84/3DSteveP...

4 Toothpicks

and a iron

Step 2: Parts

Use this template and make all of these parts, you can print this and put your board on top of it so its easier. Make sure you make 2 arms and legs.

Step 3: Head

Put your head together and stick a toothpick in the middle of his neck.

Step 4: Body

Put the body together and stick one tooth pick in his shoulders then 2 more on the bottom for his legs.

Step 5: Arms

Put both arms together.

Step 6: Legs

Put both legs together.

Step 7: Connecting Everything

Connect the body parts together.

Step 8: Your Done!

Your done! Let me know if you would like me to post more instructables like this, you can also find this on my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/219426176/3d-perler-bead-steve?ref=shop_home_active_4

<p>wow! I made something similar to this here's a picture:)</p>
<p>3-D Minecraft Steve project complete! Project took about a day to complete and instructions were perfect to follow. The only thing I can say about the completion is the finished product is very delicate with the toothpicks and is not recommended for play use. I currently have mine set up for display and he stands with no complications. Project was completed with 7 sets of colored beads. Would recommend! </p>
<p>good job! Hoping I can buy the tan perler beads soon. I made a Minecraft sword and it would go well with it. Please reply if you want me to make an instrucable for it.</p>
<p>Wow! Looks great! </p>
<p>Thank you for your original post and sharing your pattern! </p>
I've never herd of mine craft but this seems pritty cool?
<p>u have never herd of minecraft</p>
<p>omg Minecraft is the best game ever. If you don't know what it is... Well.... Umm..... Okay?</p>
<p>Dude Minecraft is the best video game ever made.</p>
<p>I agree. Minecraft <em>is</em> the greatest game ever made! So many people play it! Plus, just check out how many people make projects that are Minecraftinspired!</p>
<p>Awesome thing dude! Where would I get a parlor set like that?</p>
<p>were did u get your template for the tnt block</p>
<p>WOW do a creeper i would luv to see that</p>
make more
<p>Seconding a request for the creeper!</p>
What are the teal beads called on the website?
<p>Parrot Green</p>
Saving this for my after school program kids. They love perler beads and Minecraft.
Really nice..
It's cute
It's cute
I'd love the creeper!!

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