Make a 3D Steve Figure Under $15





Introduction: Make a 3D Steve Figure Under $15

Make a Minecraft Steve figure out of just beads and toothpicks!

Step 1: Gather the Supplies!

You will need:

Brown, Blue, Light Blue, White, Gray, Tan, Light Brown, and Teal Perler Beads. I get mine here:

1 square perler bead board (you can use more but it works with just one)

My Template

4 Toothpicks

and a iron

Step 2: Parts

Use this template and make all of these parts, you can print this and put your board on top of it so its easier. Make sure you make 2 arms and legs.

Step 3: Head

Put your head together and stick a toothpick in the middle of his neck.

Step 4: Body

Put the body together and stick one tooth pick in his shoulders then 2 more on the bottom for his legs.

Step 5: Arms

Put both arms together.

Step 6: Legs

Put both legs together.

Step 7: Connecting Everything

Connect the body parts together.

Step 8: Your Done!

Your done! Let me know if you would like me to post more instructables like this, you can also find this on my etsy shop:



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I've never herd of mine craft but this seems pritty cool?

4 replies

u have never herd of minecraft

omg Minecraft is the best game ever. If you don't know what it is... Well.... Umm..... Okay?

Dude Minecraft is the best video game ever made.

I agree. Minecraft is the greatest game ever made! So many people play it! Plus, just check out how many people make projects that are Minecraftinspired!

Awesome thing dude! Where would I get a parlor set like that?

were did u get your template for the tnt block


WOW do a creeper i would luv to see that

Seconding a request for the creeper!

Parrot Green

Saving this for my after school program kids. They love perler beads and Minecraft.

Really nice..