Picture of Make a 3D-printable puzzle ring
This instructable shows you how to use solidworks to create a printable puzzle ring for that special someone in your life.
I've gotten a few comments on this, so I guess I should clarify that the ring assembles to a tight fit through elastic deformation of the printed substrate.

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Step 1: Crate a "blank ring"

Picture of crate a
The first step is to create a ring blank.  Basically a very generic ring.
Create two concentric circles of different size (an annulus), then extrude them.

The inner circle should have the same circumference as the target finger.  This website should help convert from ring size to circumference: http://lovejoyjewelry.com/ringsize.htm

The length for the extrusion is up to you.  I chose .375 inches, just because that's how big another ring I have is.

Step 2: Create guide geometry

Picture of Create guide geometry
You need to create two guide-geometry elements
The first is an axis that intersects two planes (for me, it was front and right).  Use the image to figure out which two planes you should use.

The next guide-geometry element is a plane that is tangent to your ring blank, and perpendicular to the axis you just made (OR parallel to the plane not used to create that axis- for me, it was the top plane)

Step 3: (Optional) Create secret text

Picture of (Optional) Create secret text
This step creates a small message on the inside of the ring.  I chose to say "you complete me" because you know... it's a puzzle!

Draw a guideline parallel and slightly above (since some letters dip below the line) the ring face.  Insert the text of your choice, and anchor it to that line (the "curves" option)

Use the "Wrap" option to emboss the text on the inside face of the ring.

Step 4: Make puzzle cuts (1/3)

Picture of Make puzzle cuts (1/3)
At this step, your file splits in to two parts.
Create a new sketch on the plane made in step 2.

Make a guideline with length equal to the outer circumference (top part of first picture)
Crate another guideline as long as that line, only parallel to the ring face, and originating at the vertical line that is parallel to the central axis of the ring..
maysayyeah2 years ago
I feel really stupid asking this but what program did you use to design the ring? CAD?
i was going to ask the same question
jehan60188 (author) 2 years ago
greetings, oldmicah
I have attached a video showing the two parts coming together. I hope it clarifies things for you!
The video shows the 2 pieces overlapping at some places. Do you have a physical replica? Would love to see that!
oldmicah is right to question the assembly of this. Currently the rings are impossible to combine. you could design the pieces to slide together from the side and it would be a relatively easy design process change. I like the idea though.
oldmicah2 years ago
Thank you for the step by step! I'm having a hard visualizing how the two halves slide together. Could you include a photo or a little more description?