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Introduction: Make a 3D Printed Playing Card Holder - CardEasy

Love playing card games or know someone that does? Make one of these as a gift for anyone with dexterity challenges, the elderly, as well as kids. My 4 year old son really enjoys using it to play Kinder Bunnies.

Cardeasy helps someone hold and organize a hand full of cards and also has a nice stand so you can sit it down and still see the cards, without displaying to others.

You can find the original design drawings and STL's attached. I printed this on a Makerbot Replicator 2 using medium makerware settings, 2 shells, 10% fill, and without support standing upright but I am sure it will work on many other 3D printers. You can find it on thingiverse as well:

The gap is pretty tight and may have some burr from printing, which if not removed may scratch the cards. I used a utility knife to clean out the gap as well as some fine sandpaper.



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