Make a 4WD RC Car





Introduction: Make a 4WD RC Car

This is my first instructables i am writing about how to
make your RC car. Most of us wants to make our own custom made RC cars so we could be able to add different motors with high RPM or Low RPM with high torque or less torque for off roads and on roads we can also be able to change the motor drivers as per motors requirement possibility are many as you are the main creator of your project.So lets get started with what will you require to make this car .

The parts you will require is given below i got mine from

Parts List:-

2 – Arduino UNO (or other version if you have any)

2 - NRF24L01 modules(This are your Transmitter and Receiver pair)

1 – breadboard

1 – 12V battery ( I am using a Lead Acid battery 1.3 AH)

4 – Wheels and Motors (I am having 12V motors check your motors specification before applying 12V)

1 – L293D Motor driver

1 – small box for remote

4 – Switches

4 – NiMH/NiCd battery (for remote)

4 – 10k resistors

1 - 5v regulator

2 - 470uF 16v

2 - 0.1uF monolithic

Some jumper wires and double side tape

Step 1: Getting All Your Parts and Getting Started

As now we have got all the parts now lets get start building it.

See the image for more information.

Step 2: Bulding the Chassis

Now comes the chassis part of your robot your chassis will have the main parts like

1. Clamp

2. Motors and Wheels

3. acrylic sheet


1. Now drill holes in acrylic sheet so that you can attach the clamp see the images for reference

2. after drilling the holes and attaching the clamp connect the motors to the clamp once done fix the wheels to the motors so it could look like a car now.

Step 3: Motor Driver and NRF24L01 Modules

Motor Driver

We will be using L293D as a motor driver because its easy for wiring and supports this motor

see the diagram connect the motors as given above if you want to get more information on L293D motor driver you can get more info on the below link i have learned from this.


After you connect the motors comes the radio part,we are using NRF24L01 for transmitting and receiving of data.This pair are transceivers means you can receive and transmit the data from 1 module to another.

Approx range of this module is 100 meters as per info the range depends on the module you use their are some modules which can give upto 1000+ meter of range.Before using this module you have to install the libraries

you can get them here

save this library in library folder of arduino software

Note:- Connect the NRF24L01 to 3.3V or it may get damaged

Step 4: Adding Electronics on Car

Now adding electronics to the RC car

After connecting the motors to motor driver and the NRF24L01 module. We will now have to connect them to the car now see the above images and connect the things as given above.

Step 5: Remote Assembling

Remote is the main part for controlling your robot you should use the proper box which fits in your hand.The box i have used is from a sweets box which was perfect to fit all the electronic parts into it.

Use proper battery 4 - NiMH or NiCd battery put the module out of the box for better range.

see the above images and diagram for reference.

Note:- Connect the NRF24L01 to 3.3V or it may get damaged

Step 6: Programming the Robot

As we have now finished with the assembling part lets start programming it.

The car and remote code is given below:-

Dont forget to see the video :p



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    can we use this program with a 2 motor car

    Where's the video?

    how did you get the motors to go straight? without any feedback coming from the motor(i mean no encoder in the motor right?).

    this is just a normal RC car no need of encoders to the motor.

    So once i made an autonomous line follower with regular 6v motors (which you can find in any electronic/hobby shop, not the ones you have here though) but they don't go straight. What they do is one motor goes faster than the other one. To make it go straight, i read you need to have wheel encoders to control speeds with 6V motors.

    Do these need anything like that?

    im abt to prepare an rc car for a mud rally can i apply ts circuit configuaration.. excluding tyres nd chasis. mainly i want a light weight battery nd more speed

    If i uae a 6v power supply and 6v motors will that be enough to power it all? Because i cant find any cheap 12v motors

    Yes 6v motors can be used.

    Its ok i have foynd dc motors that are 12v although i need to ask in the fritzing diagrams so e of thw voltages are sifferent than you wrote them down as so which ones are the correct ones??my hopefully last questip for now is if it is possible for u, could you change the code to work with a joystick for me as i am quite new to coding and probably cant dp it myself with my limmiyed knowledge