Picture of Make a AAA battery work as a AA battery
Make an adapter for a AAA battery so that it works like a AA battery.
1) You need to increase the size of the AAA cylinder as well as make it removable so to put in a fresh AAA when needed. Cut a 3/4 X 3 inch piece of paper. Roll the paper around the AAA tightly and then roll 19 inches of 3/4 inch electrical tape on top of the paper.
2) Make a second cylinder...
3) Get tin foil and make a 3/8 inch ball of it so that it fits in one side of the cylinder you made. Put the AAA battery in the cylinder and crush the tin foil down flat. That will make the
AAA 3/16 inch longer than it is so that it is now 1 15/16 inch long
the same size as a AA battery.
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Step 1: The 3/8 ball of tin foil

Picture of The 3/8 ball of tin foil
Cut a piece of tin foil 1x4 inch and ball it tightly by rolling the piece between your hands. It should fit into any end of the cylinder, then insert the AAA and crush the tin foil ball down till
the AAA is the same size as a AA as shown.

Step 2: In a working device

Picture of In a working device
Now you see 2) adapted AAA's in a CD player that uses 2)AA batteries. It works fine, won't play as long as 2) AA's would. I will guess it plays only about half as long.
admin6 years ago
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geraldkrug (author) 6 years ago
There is a company that does this here
But they sell the adapters in a kit form that isn't fit for real world use. I mean, two of all three adapters is much cooler don't you think?
Cool idea.
I have several sets of those Green Batteries adapters.
I made a AAA adapter that will fit inside the D adapter.
Nice Idea. But I dont see much use for a AAA to AA adapter because they are both not so expensive but AA has 3 time more charge. Usefull is a AA to C or D adapter because C or D rechargables are expensive an mostly don't have as much charge as AA.
geraldkrug (author)  vlad_tepesch4 years ago
It is nice to have when you want to charge a AAA rechargeable in a AA charger.
geraldkrug (author)  vlad_tepesch5 years ago
I know it is not of much use but in a pinch this may be useful to someone who has some AAA's around and just has to use them up in a AA unit, one never knows and isn't that what Instructables is for oddities?
knex_mepalm4 years ago
turn an aa into an aaa would be nice.
knektek5 years ago
5 stars! i needed this for my project.
geraldkrug (author)  knektek5 years ago
Thank you for your kind thanks too.