Picture of Make an Altoids Tin Portable Helping Hands (with Fume Extractor)
Hi there this is my first Instructable so i hope you will like it.

Few days ago i've decided to create this cool Altoid Tin Portable Helping Hands. I'm soldering a lot so i need helping hands but most of the time i'm doing just small stuff like soldering an LED or something like that and i don't like original helping hands that much. So i've decided to create something small, portable and useful.


Step 1: Gather your parts and tools

Picture of Gather your parts and tools
Main Parts :
1 - Altoids tin can
1 - 12V Fan,best would be 4cm because we need to put him inside the Altoids tin
carbon filter [you need to fit him on the Fan]
4 - Aligator clips
1 - SMD White LED

Side Parts:
1 - 560 Ohm rezistor
Wires [i've used wires from FTP cable because they're good for bending]
1 - Switch
1 - Micro 2 position Switch
1 - Connector to 12V [i've used 3,5mm mono jack connector]
Insulating tube

Soldering Iron
Plate shears
Wire cutter
Desoldering pump


yonatan248 days ago

Hi, I've added your project to the "Top 5 Best Solder Fume Extractors"

This is the link If you are interested:


legwinskij (author)  yonatan247 days ago

Thank you very much :)

lukester291 year ago
How do u power the fan
kevrack19993 years ago
Hey i was just wondering where you get the alligator clips and the price. Please reply when you can or anyone else with helpful info. Thanks! ( By the way this is a very nice and detailed insructable!)
tqwerty4 years ago
Does everything fit in the box after its all attached?