Make an Altoids Tin Portable Helping Hands (with Fume Extractor)

Picture of Make an Altoids Tin Portable Helping Hands (with Fume Extractor)
Hi there this is my first Instructable so i hope you will like it.

Few days ago i've decided to create this cool Altoid Tin Portable Helping Hands. I'm soldering a lot so i need helping hands but most of the time i'm doing just small stuff like soldering an LED or something like that and i don't like original helping hands that much. So i've decided to create something small, portable and useful.

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Step 1: Gather your parts and tools

Picture of Gather your parts and tools
Main Parts :
1 - Altoids tin can
1 - 12V Fan,best would be 4cm because we need to put him inside the Altoids tin
carbon filter [you need to fit him on the Fan]
4 - Aligator clips
1 - SMD White LED

Side Parts:
1 - 560 Ohm rezistor
Wires [i've used wires from FTP cable because they're good for bending]
1 - Switch
1 - Micro 2 position Switch
1 - Connector to 12V [i've used 3,5mm mono jack connector]
Insulating tube

Soldering Iron
Plate shears
Wire cutter
Desoldering pump


Step 2: Preparing Altoids Tin Can

Picture of Preparing Altoids Tin Can
At first take your sharpie and and match where you want to cut can.
Hole need to be big enough for wires.
Remember you need 6 holes, 4 for Aligator clips and two for Fan this two holes shall be bigger than the other 4.

Step 3: Preparing Helping Hands and Fume Extractor

Picture of Preparing Helping Hands and Fume Extractor
When you're done with holes create 4 helping hands as shown on the image
Then prepare Fan i've added some washers then Carbon fiter and then Fan cover and youre done.

Step 4: Insert Helping Hands and Fume Extractor into can

Picture of Insert Helping Hands and Fume Extractor into can
Here comes the tricky part you need to solder down helping hands and hands for fume extractor at first i were thinking about hot glue or something, but then i've decided to strip down insulation and solder them down, to do this you have to have really heated up soldering iron [you can also use some colophonium]. When youre done bend wires and try to put them inside the holes you made earlier. For hands for fan you should use double amount of wire because fan is heavier also solder them down.
lukester291 year ago
How do u power the fan
kevrack19992 years ago
Hey i was just wondering where you get the alligator clips and the price. Please reply when you can or anyone else with helpful info. Thanks! ( By the way this is a very nice and detailed insructable!)
tqwerty4 years ago
Does everything fit in the box after its all attached?