this tutorial was scrapped

the black stuff that comes from fire
what does chicken taste like cooked over a candle ? Have you tasted anything cooked over a parrfin and sooty fire source? I don't think you want to eat that food! Tastes like charreed rubber! Sorry FYI
1) The chicken tastes fine <br>2) I don't know what you are saying <br>3)I don't care <br>4)I'm going to delete the part about using charcoal because the charcoal will melt the alluminum. <br> <br>I hope this answered question and I'm posting another instructable on this but with a soup can and it will look like one of those oil barrel grill.So I will cut the can in half so it will open and close like a regular grill.
Are we speaking the same English Language? <br>1. You taste any soot on that chicken from the candle? <br>2. You do know what I am saying! <br>3. I said &quot; parrafin soot from a candle is not healthy <br> to ingest&quot; <br>4. I guess you really don't care. It's your gut. So be it.

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