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Introduction: Make a Baby Pants With a T-shirt

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Babies are growing so fast that the clothes doesn’t last very long, so I wanted to do something budget friendly.

I used one of my t-shirt that I don’t wear anymore and turns it into a baby pants and a matching headband.

Step 1:

This is the shirt I up cycled, the fabric was in good condition except for some small holes on the bottom edge.

Step 2:

Turn the t-shirt to have the wrong side out.

Take a baby pants and report the shape on the t-shirt. I place it that way because I didn’t want a pants with small holes in it.

Step 3:

Pin both side of the shirt together and sew the pants following your drawing.

Leave the bottom of the legs and the waistband unsewn. As you work with jersey I suggest you to sew with zigzag stitches.

Step 4:

Remove the pins and cut the pants out of the shirt.

Leave about 1 inch (2cm) of extra fabric on the waist and on the bottom of the legs.

Step 5:

I like to have the legs bottom finished with an elastic.

That way even if the pants is a little to big it fit well and you don’t have to make several folds to see the baby’s feet.

Step 6:

Make a fold with the legs bottom, pin and sew along the edge.

Leave 1 inch unsewn and pass an elastic into the fold, then make a knot with the elastic ends and close the unsewn gap with a few stitches.

Repeat for the other pants leg.

Step 7:

Adjust the front of the waistband by cutting out the fabric, you just have to report the shape from the pants you used as pattern.

Make a fold with the waist band, pin and sew.

As for the legs, leave an unsewn gap to pass an elastic thought the fold, once you are done, sew both elastic ends together and close the gap with a few stitches.

Turn the pant right side out and done!

Step 8:

And a pic of the matching headband. I forgot to take pics of the sewing steps, but I can make a tutorial if it’s something you are interested in, just leave me a comment.



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    Super cute and easy idea! I really should do this with some of my old shirts, I can never seem to find a pair a pants that fit my babe :)

    That is a good idea. I have a bunch of old t-shirts and babies need always need new clothes.