For some fun on a white sheet or tracing paper taped over a hole in a simple refrigerator box, this puppet-making technique makes for some fun using your own original illustrations and creations.

In this video, Kathy S is singing. Bug designed by Mark A. I constructed the puppets.  I made a bug that has legs that swing freely, and an arm that can be articulated to poke himself in the eye with a pen...

Steps of this instructable
1. illustrate and print an awesome cranky-looking scrooge-style pi-pedal bug or other creature
2. print out and enlarge
3. trace over the areas you want to cut with chalk/carbon
4. press the chalked drawing onto thick paper to transfer design
5. cut body, legs and arm sections with Exacto knife
6. tape lighting gel to create bright green body.
7. sew arm and legs on with needle and thread to articulate
8. attach velcro to puppet arm, body, and cheap flat-ended chopsticks
9. animate on the screen or curtain with a light shining behind you so audience sees the cranky bug moving his arms and legs while you sing a song.

Items Needed
1. Card Stock Paper
2. Printed Design
3. Chalk/charcoal
4. Colored Gels OR Tissue Paper
5. Needle and Thread
6. Exacto Knife
7. Scotch Tape
8. White sheet or paper with floor lamp or clamped work lamp behind it
9. Audience who appreciates low-tech visual fun!

Ability to cut fine tiny cuts with the exacto knife

Step 1: Trace and Transfer Your Bug

With a cool illustration of a bug,

1. Trace the lines of the drawing

2. Put facedown onto medium to dark-colored cardstock (80 lb) paper.

3. Rub back of chalked drawing to transfer to the cardstock. 

4. Repeat for just the legs!

5. Repeat for one of the arms!

The legs and arm will be cut separately to be attached to the body and be articulated.

Nifty! I haven't seen colored shadow puppets before!<br />
&nbsp;you win the prize for most entertaining instructable yet! I like it :)

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