The video has been removed. I misunderstood the law and it turns out that it is in fact illegal to possess any ballistic knife in the US.
Hey, <br /> <br />Looks like your video isn't working! I've unpublished your project so you can update it with the video. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know when you are ready! <br /> <br />Best, <br />Nicole <br />Community Support Manager
Yes I removed that video because of legal trouble. I was unable to unpublish the instructable because it had been entered in a contest. Thanks.<br><br>Ben
Hi Bed, <br /> <br />That sounds like no fun :( Like I've said, it is now unpublished and if you ever need it, you can find it in your drafts folder. <br /> <br />Best, <br />Nicole <br />Community Support Manager
FYI FaZeTrooper, TashaunColey and Mrlordsmexy all have a copy of your original video on their YouTube channels. All but FaZeTrooper give you credit and mention you took the video down..
FYI FaZeTrooper, TashaunColey and Mrlordsmexy all have a copy of your original video on their YouTube channels. All but FaZeTrooper give you credit and mention you took the video down..
Aw shucks! to the above comment, perhaps a re-worked IP address
couldn't you just get a &quot;blank&quot; shooting gun and a dagger with a &quot;rat tail&quot; and put the dagger into the pistol to fire?
please read the isntructions im turkish and i cant understand when you talk in a video
I can't see the video, but I have an idea what you made. Make another version of it, but this time, make it a plastic letter opener. Google &quot;CIA letter opener&quot; and you'll see what I mean.
i really hope you could repost this video i really want to make one of these
Kipkay has the same kind of video on youtube<br>
No, he doesn't. You probably saw my video, which I have since removed.
You're entering this in the toy challenge. Really. Just kidding, I wish I could see how to make it. I made one as described by GeekGadgetGuru on youtube. I think you should put the video back up; the only reason these are illegal is because the '70's era Russian ballistic knives where capable of punching through police body armor.
I dunno what people told you, but ballistic knives aren't illegal to own or manufacture. It's only illegal to intend to sell them over state lines. It's also illegal to use them to commit a crime...but seriously anyone could guess that. This is of course a state by state basis. I'm just saying this because I like the tutorial and would like to see it re-uploaded, and am not happy that you removed it under false information.
It's not what people told me, it's what I came to understand myself from reading the law over dozens of times. What you are saying is what I first thought the law meant, but I realized that the placement of the first comma confuses things in the section: <br><br>&quot;Whoever in or affecting interstate commerce, within any Territory or possession of the United States, within Indian country (as defined in section 1151 of title 18), or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States&quot;<br><br>Because of that comma, each line could be read [Whoever] within any Territory or possession of the United States, [Whoever] within Indian country....<br><br>It is not clear whether or not that entire section of law only regards people who are located in those areas and also in or affecting interstate commerce, or if it is in regards to &quot;Whoever&quot; meaning, anyone. I really need to talk to a lawyer.<br><br>I deleted the video to be safe as the penalty of disobeying that particular law is extraordinarily harsh.
I understand not wanting to get in trouble with the law. I've talked to a lawyer here in Ohio though, and he assure me that in my state ballistic knives are only illegal when used to commit a crime...though interestingly enough butterfly knives and switch blades are illegal here.
It is unfortunate for me, as my videos are a side business of mine, and deleting that video was a loss of thousands of dollars. I will be speaking to a lawyer tomorrow, so if I can get similar assurances as you have the video will be reuploaded.
I hope you hear something good, but if it's a no go I can watch other videos you have. The firework stuff is always fascinating.
ballistic knife is illegal but flamethrowers aren't? lmao
its a russian millitary knife that SHOOTS!!!! how could it be legal!!!!!!!!!
Cool project. Me and my friends are building one and we are trying to make a ductape or plastic blade for airsoft. Any suggestions?
A plastic butter knife might do well.
Thanks for the idea!
dude that is not cool you are plagiarizing kipkays youtube video on how to make a ballistic knife
Are you kidding? This is not kipkay's video. You can watch any of my other videos for proof, my voice and hands are pretty distinctive.
after that disclaimer, you actually went ahead and told us how to make it? I will certainly go ahead with my 'nitric acid spray kill and slash exploding pez project' -everyone will want to make one!<br>Oh- and Aron313- stay away from your friend's house till after the ambulance has gone, (and you might want to take some nice flowers for his mom?)<br>I hope this comment is positive and constructive, I'd hate to be banned for anything inappropriate.
Hot damn. Good work.
This looks so cool! Im gonna show my friend this. Hes trying to make one with a spring from an airsoft gun!!!

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