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Introduction: Make a Bedroom Lamp From Shims

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The challenge was to make a lamp cheaply from things I already had laying around.


- 1 Package of cedar shims ($3 - $4 at Home Depot)

- Some scrap thin mahogany

- A little plywood

- The lamp parts I ordered off of ebay for about $10

- Lamp socket ( $1.40 ebay )

- Lamp cord 9 ( $6 ebay )

- Vintage plug ( $1.99 ebay )

- Step-On lamp switch ( $1.99 ebay )


- Miter Saw

- Scroll Saw

- Brad Nailer

- Wood Glue

- Drill

- Sanders

- Screwdriver

- Carpet & Masking Tape

- Small Router

- Hammer & Nails

- Carboard Spacing Strips

- Tung Oil Finish

Step 1: The Result Is a One of a Kind Lamp

Watch this video to see how it all comes together.



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Very nice! Kind of Art Deco meets Flash Gordon. How did you attach the legs, I could not tell from the video.

I kind of edited that part out. The video was getting too long. I pre-drilled 2 holes (one over the other) in the shims. I also pre-drilled 2 holes in the legs spaced the same as the holes in the shims. I then used a small screwdriver to attach each leg using 2 screws in each.

It's only clicks through on certain versions of the instructables website.

I included a URL link in Step 2. Thanks for the heads up.