Introduction: Make a Bird Whistle

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In 2013 made Steve Ramsey a whistle. He got this idea in his turn from Carmen Salamone. You can check out how Steve Ramsey (a very happy man with many fine woodworking ideas) made the whistle in this video

I changed his concept in a bird. A bird whistle…….

Step 1: This Is What You Need

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- 3 pieces scrap lumber, I used birch 1 is 2cm ¾ inch, the thinner parts are about 0.5 cm

- wood glue

- Steve Ramsey free template which you can get here

- drill

- foster bit (I used 7/8 inch)

- bead

- band saw or scroll saw

- knife

- sand paper

- clamps

- pencil

- pen

- varnish

Step 2: Ok There We Go: Glue the Template

Picture of Ok There We Go: Glue the Template

Look at Steve’s film this will make it easier for you to understand this instructables. Glue the template on your 2 cm piece. If you want to make a bird whistle change the template into a bird.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Picture of Drill the Hole

Clamp your pieces on the drill table and drill the whole with a 7/8 foster bit.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Whistle

Picture of Cut Out Your Whistle

Cut out your whistle.

Start with the “body”, then the tiny opening on the top and at last the top. Remove your template.

Step 5: Glue and Cut Out the Sizes

Picture of Glue and Cut Out the Sizes

Glue the templates or your own template on the 2 thinner plates and cut out with your scroll saw. These pieces can you cut out in a bigger shape.

Step 6: Nearly Done

Picture of Nearly Done

Glue the 2 sides on both sizes of the whistle. Take a bead put it in the hole before you place the upperpart on your whistle. Now comes the most difficult part: to get some sound. You have to have patience and try again and again, but in the end you will succeed. Mark where you have to glue the upperpart remove it and glue it back.

Step 7: Sand and Carve

Picture of Sand and Carve

Sand the outside and mark the “body” of the whistle. Carve the bird and sand the whistle smooth.

Apply varnish in the end.

Step 8: Make Noise and Enjoy!

Picture of Make Noise and Enjoy!


offseid (author)2017-02-10

Great project and well-explained!

Amaries (author)offseid2017-02-12

Thank you for your nice comment!

Kane Measham-Pywell (author)2017-02-07

Congratulations on being a finalist in the make noise contest

swill01 made it! (author)2017-01-20

Fun project. I made two of them and will be giving them to my grandkids.

Amaries (author)swill012017-01-23

Nice your grandchildren will appriciate that!

wannabemadsci (author)2017-01-16

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Wooden Toys Challenge!

Amaries (author)wannabemadsci2017-01-17

Thank you the same to you! I like your snake

cdavenport made it! (author)2017-01-12

Such a clever design, so much so that I copied it and printed it in 3D complete with the little ball inside the chamber. As I type this, an additional 10 copies are being printed so that I can give them to a group of 6 year old girls on the occasion of my neighbor's birthday party. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amaries (author)cdavenport2017-01-13

Thats nice! I am glad that I have inspired you!

Pocal31 (author)2017-01-11

Superb, very nice design and so simple, obvious.
You demonstrate well that simplicity is the ultimate sofistication.
Thank you

Amaries (author)Pocal312017-01-12

Thank you for your kind comment !

lazyoaks (author)2017-01-10

Neat , tweet! ;)

Amaries (author)lazyoaks2017-01-11

Thanks Iazyoaks

burnerjack01 (author)2017-01-10

As I recall, if you put a dried pea in the cavity, it should produce s bird-like 'warble'.

I will definitely make thise for the grandkids (this may not be my most popular decision).

Amaries (author)burnerjack012017-01-11

I made a Little video so that you can hear how it sounds.

CarinH (author)burnerjack012017-01-11

I believe that's what the bead placed inside this version of the whistle is for. :)

DonnH1 (author)2017-01-10

Thanks for that inspiration Amaries. I'm just wondering if the inside cavity was modified to be smaller if it could be a dog whistle? I could envision an image of my dog instead of a bird on it. Maybe not. I sure like your design.

Amaries (author)DonnH12017-01-11

What a great idea. send. It would be nice with a picture when you are done.

jellmeister (author)2017-01-10

Super cute:)

seamster (author)2017-01-10

Simple and elegant, and a great take on Mr. Ramsey's whistle. Well done! :)

Amaries (author)seamster2017-01-10

Thank you for the compliment Seamster!

SNEHALCHEVLI (author)2017-01-10

Very Creative. I Like it ??

Amaries (author)SNEHALCHEVLI2017-01-10

So kind, thank you Snehalchevli

stumitch (author)2017-01-10

I will do this with my grade 7 woodworking class! Very nice 'Ible!

Amaries (author)stumitch2017-01-10

How nice I did it with some students too. Good Luck.

Yoruk (author)2017-01-10

Quite beautiful !!!

Amaries (author)Yoruk2017-01-10

I am glad you liked it Yoruk

pete.hohensee (author)2017-01-10

Does it sound like a bird?

Amaries (author)pete.hohensee2017-01-10

That would be nice ;-)

deluges (author)2017-01-10

Beautiful, refined shape. Neat

Amaries (author)deluges2017-01-10

Thank you Deluges

rayp1511 (author)2017-01-10

That came out really beautiful. Nice job on the carving too!

Amaries (author)rayp15112017-01-10

Thank you for the comment I appriciated it.

smartrem (author)2017-01-10

It's a very nice little piece of craftsman, I love it! Voted!

Amaries (author)smartrem2017-01-10

So kind off you thank you smartrem.

mrsmerwin (author)2017-01-10

I have been wanting to make a whistle for a while now. I have stumbled upon several sets of instructions this past week. Maybe it is time to try it. You make it look pretty straight forward. Thanks.

Amaries (author)mrsmerwin2017-01-10

Thank you mrsmerwin. Good luck och show the result if you like.

M.Ploeger (author)2017-01-09

Very nice

Amaries (author)M.Ploeger2017-01-10

Thanks for the compliment

gm280 (author)2017-01-09

I really do like your project. Creative and really a neat idea. Bravo sir bravo.

Amaries (author)gm2802017-01-10

Thank you!

southern79 (author)2017-01-09

Awesome project. Very nice.

Amaries (author)southern792017-01-09

I am glad you liked it.

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