Want to take your bird(s) out for a walk?  Attach a birdcage to a backpack frame.  Easy!

Step 1: Choose a Cage

Find a cage which suits your bird and is a good size for you to carry.
<p>I want to do this for my rats!!!!</p>
<p>my budgies would love this!</p>
How neat! I may have to do a smaller one with a travel-cage for my own tiny friends.
i have a cage just like like that and a lutino cockatiel too, love the idea but i dont think she'l like it shes really sensitive. great ible anyways :)
cute cockateils, the one on the bottom looks like its about to chew through the cage liner or the cable tie
I have an African Grey. I'm afraid she would chew through those. heh Great idea though! I may try it w/ a travel cage and some metal ties. Thanks for posting!
I have a cockateil, Are you familiar with the cry of the inconvenienced cockateil? There is no way that I would strap Kirby D'Bird that close to my ear. I'd be insane or a least deaf by the end of a day hike. Be sure t secure that door and have fun. Roges
I've been told that I have too much time on my hands, But after seeing this instructable, I feel that I'm not alone. Very original idea, I'm more of a bird feeder, Than a bird carrier, But I like this idea.
I havwe a parrot... and unfortunatly like sdhardie, my parrot would moer than likely bite through the bars and tear meto shreads.... she is a lovelly bird honestly.... just not exactly happy sometimes ;) good idea though

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