For the Maker Faire in Groningen (the Netherlands), I was so lucky to host a workshop, making stuff with visitors.

So the question popped up: what would visitors like to make during a Maker Faire? Well, creatures of course!

So I wanted to make a no-soldering, low cost,  one-hour version of Blinky the Led Pet. Of course, it turned out totally different. It became a Blinky Dragonfly... The dragonfly's electronic brain is the same as Blinky's, but it's structure and looks are really different. This Instructable is for everyone who didn't have a chance at the Maker Faire Groningen to make a Blinky Dragonfly.

The Blinky Dragonfly was a huge success at the Maker Faire! In five hours, the stack of parts (generously sponsored by electronics shop Okaphone) was completely drained and 30 creatures were made by visitors. Have a look at the pictures for an impression of what was made.

This Instructable is an entry in Kiteman's International Go Pro Contest, a solace for the thousands of Makers who can't enter their work in contests anymore, since Instructables (read: Autodesk) is not willing and able to accept international entries.
If you like this Instructable, please try to bribe Kiteman into letting me win a prize :-)

In the upcoming steps are a how-to make your own Blinky Dragonfly. Total costs are around €3,- (US$ 4) and it will take one to two hours to make, depending on your makers experience. 8 to 14 year olds might need some assistance of a grown-up. Have fun, and please post a picture in the comments if you made one.
could i use a c1815 transistor please reply

Any general purpose NPN would do, so yes. This one, 2N2222, etc.

ChrysN3 years ago
Cute! It's great that you can make something like this in an hour. This would make a nice kit to sell.
ynze (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! I'm about to make a kit out of it, since this was such a success.