Make a Blinky Dragonfly - Maker Faire version

Picture of Make a Blinky Dragonfly - Maker Faire version
For the Maker Faire in Groningen (the Netherlands), I was so lucky to host a workshop, making stuff with visitors.

So the question popped up: what would visitors like to make during a Maker Faire? Well, creatures of course!

So I wanted to make a no-soldering, low cost,  one-hour version of Blinky the Led Pet. Of course, it turned out totally different. It became a Blinky Dragonfly... The dragonfly's electronic brain is the same as Blinky's, but it's structure and looks are really different. This Instructable is for everyone who didn't have a chance at the Maker Faire Groningen to make a Blinky Dragonfly.

The Blinky Dragonfly was a huge success at the Maker Faire! In five hours, the stack of parts (generously sponsored by electronics shop Okaphone) was completely drained and 30 creatures were made by visitors. Have a look at the pictures for an impression of what was made.

This Instructable is an entry in Kiteman's International Go Pro Contest, a solace for the thousands of Makers who can't enter their work in contests anymore, since Instructables (read: Autodesk) is not willing and able to accept international entries.
If you like this Instructable, please try to bribe Kiteman into letting me win a prize :-)

In the upcoming steps are a how-to make your own Blinky Dragonfly. Total costs are around €3,- (US$ 4) and it will take one to two hours to make, depending on your makers experience. 8 to 14 year olds might need some assistance of a grown-up. Have fun, and please post a picture in the comments if you made one.
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could i use a c1815 transistor please reply
ChrysN3 years ago
Cute! It's great that you can make something like this in an hour. This would make a nice kit to sell.
ynze (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! I'm about to make a kit out of it, since this was such a success.