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Introduction: Make a Blowgun for Nerf

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  In this instructable you will learn how to make a blowgun that shoots nerf darts.  The advantage of a blowgun is that they're silent, small, consealable, and easy to make.  I wanted to make a instructable on blowgauns it is. 


Step 1: Simple Things You Need

  These materials are easy to find and not much.  You will need:

3 peices of paper

a variety of nerf darts

a roll of scotch tape

Simple, eh?

Step 2: Get Your Paper

  Stack your paper on top of each other neatly.  Take the kind of dart that you want the blowgun to shoot and wrap the paper around that dart.  After its warpped (not too tight) tape it four different places.  Try to get the dart out.  If it doesn't come out then, obviously you wrapped it too tight.  After it's perfect, then tape one end of it and wrap that end with tape.  This helps so that you don't soak the paper with spit.  Your done!  Don't know how to shoot it?  Then please keep reading.  Simply push the dart in (front pointing forward) through the mouth peice (where you put your mouth).  Pushed it in?  Then blow in on the mouth peice very hard.  The dart should at least shoot 20-25ft or less or more.  Questions?  Send me a private message.



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    So it's pretty much build only one or two great blowguns that shoot farther than most other stock Nerf Elite blasters and will last a lifetime or spend around the same amount of money to make hundreds of blowguns that will get crushed or flattened and shoot around the same range as the old N Strike Blasters that are being outclassed by newer products

    PVC is actually proven better. A good 4 foot PVC blowgun can shoot maybe 100 feet depending on the person, no joke.

    usually at home depot pvc sells for about 8$ for 8 ft and with that u can make a couple of these from better material for no that much more $ spent

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    Did you even try it yet? I used THREE pieces of paper and plus PVC isn't very cheap where I am. Plus you can make hundreds out of a stack of paper for just a couple of dollars. PVC is like having 1 fr a couple of dollars. Not all people try to waste their money.