Make a Book Buddy


Introduction: Make a Book Buddy

About: I'm Steve Hay and have been involved in Woodworking for over 30 years as a Fine Furniture Maker. Following on from a successful Woodworking Television show in Australia. We decided to form a production compa...

This is a great little project for anyone that wants to try some simple Whittling. Keeps people guessing and a very useful little gift as well.

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Step 1:



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    This is awesome. I'll make a few for the readers in the family for next Christmas

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    Great stuff, pleased to hear it, I personally prefer handmade presents they seem to mean more to me than just bought ones. Then again, nothing wrong with bought presents either. Bit hard to hand make a Ferrari!



    This is really cool! wish I had a bandsaw or lathe. Great project to do when you want to whittle something.

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    Thanks for the comment. Bandsaw are handy, but it's good to know you can still make things without one. Same goes for Lathe, only whittling doesn't make anywhere near the mess!