Picture of Make a Boomerang that actually comes back!
Make a working boomerang!

Step 1: Does it actually work?-Yes!

Picture of Does it actually work?-Yes!
In order for you to be willing to build your own, you probably want some assurance that it will/can work.
I teacher engineering in high school and this is a project I do with my classes. If a ninth grader can build a working boomerang so can you. Still don't believe me, take a look at the video proof. (Note the plans are for a righty, the student in the video is a lefty he reversed the plans so it would work for a lefty.)

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remark141111 months ago

thnx man

remark141111 months ago

thnx man

shanavas1 year ago


Beatleball2 years ago
If you're just interested in buying one, this is a very good website to browse http://www.boomerangsbyvic.com/products/?ap_id=Beatleball#sthash.auRJGuMt.dpuf
the owner has a youtube channel where he showcases the products to http://www.youtube.com/user/supergooddeal?feature=watch
Dsslazar2 years ago
Um incase you haven't noticed other boomerangs do come back you just have to throw it right
Dsslazar2 years ago
Um incase you haven't noticed other boomerangs do come back you just have to throw it right
fobiax02 years ago
nice !!!
ghleghm2 years ago
I hope this works. :) If I am not allowed to post this plan, please delete this comment.
patriotsman3 years ago
vincent75204 years ago
Great Work …
As the video shows this boomerang will definitely come back.
But and essential question remains : when ?…
For instance is it able to catch the 7.45pm train to Newark transfer at Columbus and get there on time for dinner ?…
This is an important question as you all know that respect of schedules and rituals such as family evening meals are the bond of a civilized society.
No ?
Why no ?…
Cheers all !…
I'll just bet that you are an excellent teacher. If I had a teacher like you I think my life may have been signifigantly different. Keep up the good work. And yes, it does make a difference.
And yes, it does make a difference.

What makes a difference? Being a great teacher. One that not only teaches but also engages the minds of the young, providing an environment that fosters a love of learning.
hjjusa4 years ago
I built this boomerang when the magazine first came out. I live in a place where you can't get that fancy plywood unless you order it, so I built it out of ordinary plywood. When I was finishished my son and I took it down to the football field. Since he's younger than me and can move faster I let him throw it. When it came back he didn't see it soon enough to get completely out of the way and it made a big gash across his shin and broke the 'rang in two. this things are mean if your'e not careful.
today at p.e. i found this random piece of what i think was table wood and started to throw it around.....didn't come back but u just had to go about 10-30 feet to get it back...
for further reading check out this guide on how to throw a boomerang it very detailed and i learned how to throw from this guide
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
lol sucks i dont got big fancy tools :/
You could do this with a hand coping saw and some sand paper. (A rasp would make the bevels come out faster than just sand paper though.)
mwagner635 years ago
I downloaded the plans but they came out only half of what they should be. I actually downloaded them twice.
Flotonic6 years ago
This is cool! I must try it out when I get power tools. Just wondering, but if I throw this straight forward and hit someone in the head with it, will it come spinning back?
No but the guy will!
Aww man. Now I can't be Link. =P

You'd think, though, because of the reverse force, that it would.
that person would have to have a really hard head for it to work XD
i couldnt even c the boomerang wen he threw it but thats still cool
strcrusher6 years ago
in the vid when it came back did it hit that guy lol?
quesoman6 years ago
jacobzman6 years ago
boomerag are usd for hounting birds
bike4146 years ago
pleace tell me this boomerang's span is -------?cm,thank you.
bike414 bike4146 years ago
tell me this boomerang's span is -------?cm,thank you.
bike4146 years ago
i like this boomerang thank you
Wario7 years ago
i just made a aluminum one with this instructible, it works very well so when that beast curves for the return i run like HELL!
Kaiven Wario6 years ago
With aluminum sheet metal, I presume? Too bad it's not made of soda cans...
Wario Kaiven6 years ago
actually its made of a aluminum bar, ill tell you though, i thew it only 5 times and on those throws something broke.
foxtrot46977 years ago
foxtrot46977 years ago
mantislee8 years ago
Nice instructable. The fun in a boomerang is definitely having it come back. Funny story though, I used to work with an Aussie and we asked him how you're supposed to throw a boomerang so it'll come back to you. With a deadpan face and Aussie accent he said..."If you throw it right, it's not supposed to come back". At that point we dug up that tidbit of information that we read somewhere sometime that said that a boomerang is actually a hunting tool. Throw it right, it knocks out the animal you're hunting and it doesn't come back, duh. mmmmm....Vegemite
Like most Americans have never seen a bald eagle, most Aussies have no clue about boomerangs.There is a stick called a Kylie, sometimes called a nonreturning boomerang, which is similar to a boomerang. The shape of the blades are similar, but it does not return. Instead it travels further and more accurately then a plain old stick which makes it a good weapon. There is some suggestion that boomerangs were used to flush out birds. but thats really not confirmed. Designing a boomerang that is a weapon is not that smart a thing. Such a device would have two major properties; 1) It would do damage to what it hit, 2) it would come back to ( or at ) you. See the problem with this?
If you throw it right it knocks out the animal your hunting and falls to the ground.....
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