Make a Bow in 5 Minutes!




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Introduction: Make a Bow in 5 Minutes!

Directions to making a very usable arrow launcher.

Buy a sling-shot.
Buy a Whisker Biscuit. (fancy bow rest)
Zip Tie the biscuit (so it detaches to the rear)
Insert Arrow and fire.

You can get fancy and replace the leather pad with bowstring which locks/ nocks the arrow, that makes it easier and more accurate.  Then add a loop for a trigger release and 2 guide strings to ensure even draw... But if you just want to make a dozen bows to arm your Elf militia... 

I've tried this one and it launches arrows nicely 30 yards and will bury them in a target with enough force to make me believe it could do the job.  As hard to aim as a regular unsighted bow but with practice...



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    i took a pin lock for a three point hitch tractor type instead of a wisker biscuit that kept flips up for arrow and flips down for use as for me.i fish gar fish with like a bow .called a slingbow .

    Wilderness outfitters channel on YouTube with Dave Canterbury has lots of info on this and making three piece take down arrows AND a fishing set up. One tuber showed hunting a pig with one (not a. Giant one) but he got it.

    its called a slingbow.....

    instead of buying a whisker biscuit if you can get an empty chew tobbaco can and drill a hole in it and cut three slits init fof the flechings to pass through

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    i was to cheap to buy the whisker buiscut so i used a toilet bowl brush (new) and rounded it it works good and saves 25 bucks

    you can also use tooth brushes or any bristles if you mimic the whisker biscuits design could probably be done with a normal brush cut in half with a small hole cut into the bristles the size of an arrow. with some small adjustments and a couple screws and bits of wood/ metal and your good to go

    I say it again. It is called a slingbow. Check it out on youtube or google it. There are even sites selling them.

    No sights, no problem. I learned on an old-school recurve bow with nothing on it. This is actually easier to shoot: No string slap to hold my arm away from! There are some nice videos on youtube about slingbows. You've boiled this down very nicely.

    I hope to make one of these and use it for bowfishig.

    A slingshot shoots shot. A bow bends.
    This should be a slingarrow.

    its called a slingbow.