How to get out of debt....and stay out! Work hard to pay off your credit cards and then or even before, tear, cut, spindle, mutilate them as in this instructable that outlines how to make a bracelet out of one or more credit cards. This renders them useless thereby aiding in your resolve to quit charging.

Step 1: Gather Your Old, Expired, or Cards You Want to Eliminate.

It doesn't take more than one card, but if you use more, you get a better selection of light reflecting areas to cut up and use in your bracelet.
use old gift cards<br />
&nbsp;Oh what a great idea! You could customize it to your own tastes with cards from your favorite stores or online retailers! Mine would be amazon, ebay and iTunes :) I love it! I would need help with the drill though. I don't have any experience with power tools! :)
Try a rotary tool-&nbsp; I found one for cheap at my local craft store and it makes so many small jobs like this easy-peasy (I plan on using it to cut the card shapes, &quot;sand&quot; the edges and drill the holes).&nbsp; Good luck! =)
brilliant idea! very cool
That's really nice looking. Easy, and not very time-consuming I'd suppose...

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