Picture of Woven Yarn Bracelet
You will need.JPG
In this instructable I will show you how to make a bracelet out of yarn. This project is great for traveling, as it is small and it can be taken on airplanes.

You will need:
Different colors of yarn
Thick Cardboard
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Step 1: Makeing your Weaver

Picture of Makeing your Weaver
Poke Hole.JPG
Cut 4 slots.JPG
8 slots.JPG
First, you will make the weaver. (Peice of cardboard)
Cut a circle (about 2'' diameter) out of thick cardboard.
Poke a hole in the middle of the circle. (about the same size if you used a holepunch)
Cut four slots, (On a watch, it would be at 12, 3, 6, and 9) and then cut slots inbetween those, so you have 8 slots.

Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

Picture of Starting the Bracelet
Tie Knot.JPG
Tie knot with extras.JPG
Put it in the Board.JPG
Looks like this on top.JPG
Now, pick seven strands or cordinating yarn colors, about 2' long.

Tie the yarns together so you have about 5'' left on one end. Now tie another knot so there are two knots half an inch apart.

Put the seven strands of yarn through the hole so that the two knots are on the bottom.   

Step 3: Weaving it

Picture of Weaving it
How it works #2.JPG
How it works #3.JPG
How it works #4.JPG
Put  each strand of yarn in a slot, so that you have one slot extra.

Pull the strand that is three away from the slot, (see second picture), and put it in the extra slot.  Now where that strand was, is the new extra slot.  You can turn it again so that the slot is on the bottom and repeat the process.

Step 4: Finishing up

Keep weaving until your bracelet is long enough to fit comfortably around your wrist.  
Unhook all the strands form the cardboard and pull out the bracelet.  Be careful not to unravle the end.    Tie a knot at the edge of the weaving and cut off the extra yarn.

To tie the clasp, put the single knot between the two knots on the end.

Your bracelet is done! Have fun making and wearing it! 
The photo at a distance doesn't give it due justice. Its a great way to weave a round cable. I really enjoyed this one when you have to come up with something crafty, this one would work for any age.
cobalt4204 years ago
Ausome ible 5 star come check out and rate my ible on how to make a macrame bracelet.
Stargirl145 years ago
CUTE! Heart it!
Nice! It looks to me to be a version of "spool knitting" or "corking" Very pretty :0)
pie popper (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Thanks! These are pretty fun to make, but i've never heard them called "spool knitting" or "corking" before....