Step 3: Decorate!

That's it, you're done making the sweatshirt. Wasn't that fast?

Wearable electronics don't have to involve time consuming sewing or conductive thread.
They can be within your reach and a quick trip to the local Radio Shack.

Now the EE part comes in. Curious about circuits but never built one before?
Forest Mim's electronics project books are really good.

If you already know what you want, go hog wild.

Make an LED beating heart. Make a scrolling animation.

Add an arduino, and LED, and a temperature sensor, and make your clothes change color with temperature.

Make your shirt play Conway's Game of Life, or turn it into a nighttime bike light jacket, like Leah Buechley. Actually, read all of Leah's website for inspiration, she's been my hero since I was in highschool.

Add a speaker, a tone generator, and some touch sensors and let your friends beatbox on your clothes.

Be a mintyBoost and charge your iPod off your shirt from AA batteries while on the road.
Be a walking amp with built-in jacket headphones.
Be a TVBGone, and turn off television sets wherever you go.

Look at what prof. Roz Picard has done with wearable computing.

Or, be all of these things! The beauty of the breadboard is that you can change the technology you're wearing!

Read Lady Ada's whole website, too. She's put a lot of good kits and how-tos online.
Don't program yet, but you wanna add your own hot micro? Her howto on arduinos is good too.

For my first project I decided to make a super-quick glowing green star-shaped nametag with some resistors and LEDs laying around.

For inspiration, here's a cool movie of Conway's Game of Life:

Another hot tip: Tape or hot-glue down your wires - they shake a lot and can jiggle loose while you walk around. Also, using white-insulate wires or hiding them lets people focus on the part of the project you want people to see. If you're doing anything with LEDs, try putting a white cloth diffuser over the breadboard so that just the light comes through.
maxwelld3 years ago
I recommend not wearing this shirt to the airport.
endolith6 years ago
Put the breadboard inside the shirt and poke the LEDs through the fabric?
Yoda20886 years ago
on a scale of one to extremely uncomfortable that seems to be a" really uncomfortable". kudos to you for the idea... just try to refine your idea. some great potential, some great potential.