Make a Break Action Shotgun From Scratch!





Introduction: Make a Break Action Shotgun From Scratch!

This video Instructable will show you in detail how to build a single barrel break action shotgun from scratch. If you choose to attempt a project like this, please be careful and respect your area's laws. The first video will show how to make the steel mechanical parts. The second video will show how to make the wooden stock and complete the shotgun. On Friday June 12 I will be releasing the third video which will show how to make the ammunition from scratch. After that I will make a fourth video with a demonstration of the completed shotgun in action.

Step 1: Steel Work

This first video is the longest. It will show you how to construct the functional mechanical parts of the shotgun.

Step 2: Wood Work

In this second video I will show you how to make the wooden stock and mount the steel mechanism into it. At the end of this step you have a completed functional shotgun.

Step 3: Make the Shells

The shells for this shotgun will be made from paper tubes. The primer is a unique "sandwich" design with 2 layers of metal discs, and a packet of armstrong's mixture in between. The metal discs that for the primer also form the rim. The propellant I am starting with is black powder, but other things like ammonpulver or smokeless powder could be used.



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    is there is the vid on ytb

    Couldn't you just use bottle caps instead of the small aluminum and steel pieces?

    if the pin is strong enouth to puncture and detonate the amstrong mix

    And are two metal pieces necessary couldn't you just use one?

    you culd but is eazy this whey

    And couldn't you just use store bought shotgun shells?

    you culd but what if the pipe is one mm smaller or what if you do a shut gun out of a anti air craft gun's berrle they don't realy sell buck shuts/ slugs / birdshots at that calibre do they ?

    Are you from around arlington washington? The oso lumber and hardware drawing pad is what makes me ask. I grew up in that area

    I've drawn up designs for a 12 gauge break action using a simple design, I shall build one soon.