Picture of Make a Broken Jar
Turn an empty jar into a cutting-edge vessel that challenges established aesthetic conventions.

This project has gotten such an overwhelming response maybe it should become a whole new website. Unfortunately "brokenjar.com" isn't available.

Photos by and of Will Bosworth

Here's what you need.

Step 1: Scratch the Surface

Picture of Scratch the Surface
Dip the end of your glass cutter in oil before scoring the jar. Use a tuna can or other object to keep it at the right height. Don't roll back over the old cut or you'll blunt your cutting wheel. No one has actually ever resisted the urge to do this, so this glass cutter is horrible.
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didexo5 months ago


I suggest cutting the glass with heat.
DR_UNIX8 years ago
I have the banner for brokenjar.com (once the site is created.)
WolfVecho6 years ago
LOL I love the jar "hit it till it busts" it would be easier to just drop it on the cement
Oblivitus7 years ago
Camisado7 years ago
I can't believe the oh-so-great TimAnderson would make something this horrible! ( No offense )
PC_Maestro9 years ago
in the second photo he swallowed a peice of glass. This is the crapiest instructable ever.
NO DUH!!! That's why it was in the "Worst. Instructables. Ever." Group. Did you expect it to be the best in the world?
Look at the guy who made this, why dont you...
This is actually the first thing from this guy that I saw. So... yeah!
awkrin7 years ago
u could just put the top of the bottle in hot water, then put it under cold water. it's a lot easier
what is the almighty point of this?
what is the sound of one hand clapping? point of this. there is no point to anything!
Sounds kinda like a flat tire in a bugs bunny cartoon.
Valche7 years ago
While it doesn't suit my particular aesthetic taste, I like that you made something that brings up the subject and asks the question of what beauty really is. Very nice, +1 :).
it must dribble horribly, artistic or odd, iono, but unpractical fosho. it does make everything seem more... iono. post modern i guess.
haptotrope7 years ago
also, perhaps tap it from the inside. tapping on the side of the score confuses the glass!
haptotrope7 years ago
I've had mixed luck with the string and fire method... but I was looking for an awesome way to not have to buy a bottle cutter. But the can as a smooth support is brilliant. I'm going to use a taller can for cutting a wine bottle!
kiwi207 years ago
yeah.... I agree with motorsk8ter- just throw the dang jar on the ground
Or slam your jar into your head.
TimAnderson (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
clanger7 years ago
HU !!!!!!!!
EnigmaMax7 years ago
"how to make a broken jar" uhh, throw a jar on the ground?
katrina_7 years ago
A guy I know made one of these at the bar last night.
Doctor What7 years ago
oohh, that looks like it might hurt, alot,
tooluser9 years ago
Never done it myself, but I've been told that heating the score line over a flame will cause it to pop at the score line.
tcabeen8 years ago
I laughed so hard and for so long at this instructable that my fiancee put on headphones. It's just That Good.
spinach_dip9 years ago
*puts lips there*
PC_Maestro9 years ago
First of all this looked nice until the 3rd step, it was actually looking cool but then it crapped up. If you look at the second picture on the last step you see that he swallowed a peice of the glass, it's funny and ironic. The glass got it's revenge. Second of all VG CATS FOREVER!!
how did he swallow glass?
TimAnderson (author) 9 years ago
It's a metaphor for American foreign policy.
TimAnderson (author)  TimAnderson9 years ago
You know, it started out as one thing, and then it changed, and now it's all broken and someone's drinking out of it, and the broken shards are laying all over place, and could cut anyone at any time.
TimAnderson (author)  TimAnderson9 years ago
Which really sounds a lot like a relationship. And the only thing to do is just make the best of it, and not get too hung up on any one thing, and try to keep those glass spears from jabbing you in the eyes when you're you're really thirsty and tired and would like to blame someone else, except there you are messing with all this broken glass for no reason.
And it worked fine, as a drinking vessel, before you broke it, just a little uncomfortable if you have a big nose. Imagine your nose cartilage after your relationship changed/jar broke!
If i am really thirsty ,and i don't have a glass or a cup ect. , I just drink from the bottle or from the crane ... Use the brains dude ...
TimAnderson (author)  Grimling9 years ago
You can't drink from a crane in this country because they're endangered. Which is silly because it's mostly due to habitat loss. We ought to plow under some suburbs so we can all drink from cranes again. Do you bleed them and mix it with sour milk?
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