Make a Button Bracelet - A Fun Way to Recycle Buttons

Picture of Make a Button Bracelet - A Fun Way to Recycle Buttons
Are you looking for a fun craft projects for kids? (Girl Scout leader; school teacher; home school mom) or trying to think of something fun you can make to give as gifts this year?

I have the perfect idea for you - make button bracelets! It is easy enough for kids to do and cute enough to use as homemade presents. All you need is a selection of buttons and some 1mm cord to string them on. Oh, and a little bit of imagination doesn't hurt, either!

An assortment of buttons
Sharp scissors (small ones are ideal)
15 - 30 inches of 1mm cord
A ruler

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Step 1: Getting Ready

Picture of Getting Ready
- Before you start, choose the buttons you want to use. You should use all 4-holed buttons or 2-holed buttons. (2 holes will be easier for young crafters to use). You can use one 2H button for the end button of a 4H bracelet if you want to.

- Try to pick a variety of sizes and textures and use colors that work well together.

- I like to cover my work area with a dishtowel to protect the table and it is easier to see my materials against white fabric.

It is very creative.
Cute!! My daughter has been wanting to make one of these, thanks for this!
TabbyDeAnne3 years ago
I love how simple yet beautiful this is! Thanks for sharing!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Cool! This is awesome!
jingle23 years ago
This is very cute!
ChrysN3 years ago