Make a Button Tray





Introduction: Make a Button Tray

A $1.99 round teak tray is easy to convert to a unique button tray. Great for a gift to a friend with a new home, a shower gift or a birthday gift. Wrap it up with a bottle of wine for the perfect gift.

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Measure and mark the center of the tray with four pencilled dots to look like the holes in a button.

Step 2: The Drill Bit

Attach the drill bit that is made for cutting out large holes from doors for locks or cutting holes in drywall.

Step 3: Clamp and Drill

Carefully clamp the tray to a flat surface and drill out the four holes.

Step 4: The Four Holes (not a Rock Band)

The tray is starting to resemble a button but it needs some finish work.

Step 5: Smoothing the Cuts

With medium sandpaper, sand around the edges of the hole and any part that feels rough

Step 6: Give It Some English

Add a little Old English on the sanded wood to even out the color

Step 7: Cute As a Button Serving Tray

Serve your guests, or your best gal or guy a little goodie on this cute button tray.



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    Wow, so simple yet ingenious! I'm actually gonna try to take this one step further and use the holes as holders for the glasses. Thanks for sharing!

    LOVE it! So simple yet it looks like it came from a designer shop. I definitely are gonna use your idea. I just got the same idea as jessyratfink :)

    Okay, my mom's birthday isn't until July, but I -so- know what I'm making for her now. She loves buttons, and she loves trays. It's got her name all over it! You rock. <3 5/5 for such a simple, delightful project.

    Be sure to clamp the button down onto a piece of wood and WATCH OUT for the big circle drill bit--it jumps when you first turn the drill on. I just did another "button tray and the bit jumped and chewed up my thumb a little. OUCH!!!

    -Ouch!- That is no fun. I'll be sure to watch out for that, then! Thanks a lot, and here's hoping you heal quickly.

    You sure like to make huge buttons.

    The button pillow is just a knockoff of a pillow made by a home products company in Europe. I wanted to show others how they could do the same. :) Thanks for the comment.

    wow... nice idea. i think that im going to make allot of these and have a stand holder for them to....know now what my cristmass present to other people coulde be. one question ? how would you curve the surface of the wood to keep it from being flat? or did you just buy the tray that way?

    The tray was just like that. You can make adjustments depending upon the shape you find.

    Ok the drillbit aint a problem for me, i got about 3-4 sets of those (use them pretty often). But where can i get such a tray? I've looked in all stores i suspected to have one, no luck here :( Somebody knows a german online supplier for such a tray? I really want a button tray :)