We seem to have access to boxes and we try to reuse them in some way or another. Here is a groovy camera backpack we made out of a box and other materials we already had at home. The only thing we bought was the belt for $1.19.

This is a great project for kids with an adult's help, not supervision, but help.

NOTE: There are a couple of places where a box cutter is used and those steps should ONLYbe performed by an adult, NEVERby a child.

Now that that is out of the way, this is an easy project to make. The longest part is the drying time in between the coats of paints.

Step 1: Gather the Things You Will Need

So here is what you will need to make this box camera backpack. I like to use things I already have so I tend to improvise instead of going out and buying more things. In my household I have an endless supply of things that can be upcycled, recycled and reused so I created this camera backpack using what I already had on hand. The only thing that was purchased was the belt, which was purchased at the dollar store, for a $1.19. What a deal, right?

  1. Box cutter (this is only to be used by an adult, NEVER the child if a child is making this.)
  2. Scissors
  3. Packing tape dispenser (not necessary to complete project but it makes it easier to tape)

  1. Box ( this one is 10.5 in x 7 in but use any size you want)
  2. Paint (any type or color is fine)
  3. Drop cloth to catch stray paint
  4. Belt (I got mine from the dollar store)
  5. Plastic bowls and lids for paint
  6. Glue
  7. Paint brush or paint sponge
  8. A 10in x 6 in piece of cardboard to cover up the holes in the back if you are using a box like the one in the diagram
  9. A clear plastic drinking cup
  10. Pipe cleaners (only if you want to add a little pizzazz to your camera backpack) ;-)
  11. Clear drawer liner or any solid plastic to use to cover the flash and the viewfinder
  12. A cardboard cylinder from either a toilet paper or paper towel roll
  13. Packing tape
  14. Velcro
Very cute!
Thanks, it was a lot of fun to make too.
By adding a film roller and light-proofing the right portions of the box this can easily be made into a functioning pinhole camera/backpack. I like the idea.
OOoooohh, now you have me thinking about that. I will have to look into that. Thanks!

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