Picture of Make a Card Box
I wanted a nice card box for the gift table at my upcoming wedding. I was getting sick of the cheaply made garbage that was being passed off as "wedding" products simply because they were white and floral. It also bugged me that every time I have ever put a card into a card box it would not fall into the box as expected but have to be jammed in. I figured I would design and build my own card box that looked much nicer than comercial options and the cards would not jam when inserted.
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Step 1: Design your box

Picture of Design your box
Its easy to see the box I have done and copy it, if you like it then go for it. I went through a few different versions until I ended up with one that I was happy with. Feel free to adjust my design to suit your taste. I used the free Google Sketchup to design the box. Using sketchup for something like this is extremely simple because you are just drawing a series of boxes. It will let you easily adjust the dimensions and proportions of the boxes until you fine one you like. I used "golden ratios" for many of my boxes dimensions as it tends to leave more pleasing boxes. I included my Google Sketchup file for you to use.
So much better than the store one! Wish I had this for my wedding!
pcmofo (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago