Picture of Make a CardBoard/Rock Lizard
You Need....JPG
Make a cool cardboard lizard for you desk, book case, etc, etc, etc...!

all you need is:

() cardboard
() rocks
() hot glue gun
() scissors
() paint
() paint brush
() pencil

Step 1: Cut it Out!

Picture of Cut it Out!
trace or draw a lizard on cardboard. Then cut it out. Paint it if you want to, but my cardboard was the right color already.
Nice idea. thanks for sharing. I added stars to your rating and subscribed
Creativeman6 years ago
Great! Wonderful use of your imagination....good job! Cman
ChrysN6 years ago
These look really nice. Painting the rocks several different colours is a nice touch.
canida6 years ago
Cute! It worked out really well for the lizard.