Make a CardBoard/Rock Lizard





Introduction: Make a CardBoard/Rock Lizard

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Make a cool cardboard lizard for you desk, book case, etc, etc, etc...!

all you need is:

() cardboard
() rocks
() hot glue gun
() scissors
() paint
() paint brush
() pencil

Step 1: Cut It Out!

trace or draw a lizard on cardboard. Then cut it out. Paint it if you want to, but my cardboard was the right color already.

Step 2: The Rocks

get a couple dozen small rocks. Paint them the color desired. Make sure you let them dry completely.

Step 3: Glue on the Rocks

turn on your glue gun. glue the rocks on in any pattern.

Step 4: All Done!

Your lizard is finished! you can make tons of other animals: armadillo, alligator, turtle, octopus, etc, etc, etc...!



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    Nice idea. thanks for sharing. I added stars to your rating and subscribed

    Great! Wonderful use of your imagination....good job! Cman

    These look really nice. Painting the rocks several different colours is a nice touch.

    Cute! It worked out really well for the lizard.