So it goes like this, you just moved into youur dorm or apartment, and damnit you want COOKIES. SO you run out, buy some cookie dough, yay! So now you have something to bake, but nothing to bake it on. Bummer. Do you have any cardboard lying around? How about aluminium foil? If you answer yes to both, spectacular, lets get on with it!

Step 1: Material Basics

For this exercise you will need:

Corrugated cardboard, something without ink is best. Why? 'Cuz I'm carcinogenophobic. PIzza, egg rolls, and such can all go in on good ol' cardboard

But Kent, you say, what if I have something sticky!?!?
Elementary my dear Watson...

Right so how I wound up doing this is my sister bought some frozen cookie dough to celebrate having moved into our apartment. Of course we didn't have baking sheet to bake them on. Blithely ignoring the warning on the package to eat it raw, I commenced to do so. Right about the third raw cookie it occurred to me that a pizza can be re heated in it's box. I had plenty of cardboard about. But oh noes!! THe cookies will stick. I lucked out and had aluminum foil, parchment paper would work fine too. Wax and butcher, not so well.

Got your stuff? Good, NEXT STEP SUCKAH!!
PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN!!! This is NOT safe at all. As mentioned by the previous person, I nearly burned down my apartment. This advice could actually harm many people. I gently request that you delete this.
Okay, that was a terrible idea. I almost just burned my apartment down...
clever<br>but I have no need for a quick and simple baking sheet for there are a half dozen in this house<br>great idea though! will definitely use if I get the chance.
Hehe yea it is a bit bizarilly specific what you need it for...
Not when you stop to think about it kenny. it could be used for pizzas if made from a pizza box.
brilliant idea
That happens to me alot :P
Very true.

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