OK, you've seen them everywhere, those old TV's and Monitors everyone's kicking to the curb replacing with those new fan dangle flat screens.  And few of us could  fault  them... the flat screens take up so little room, and have all kinds of resolution... ohhh ahhh.

But what to do with the old monitors!?!   Trash 'em? na... bad idea, they have all kinds of lead, and stuff in them you really don't want in your ground water.  Recycle 'em? Hard to do sometimes, and may even cost you a couple of bucks... but certainly worth it !!  

My cat and I like to reuse 'em... and recycle them!
I also make these from time to time for other people.. you can purchase one at my Etsy store:

Step 1: Find A Monitor

Old monitors and TV's are pretty readily available these days.... just ask a few friends, post it on your facebook page,  look out for one on freecycle... and Goodwill always has a stash!

I however, simply walk up to my attic & select... 
(The neighbors all know I'm crazy, so they bring me their trash ).

Cats seem to like to be "cozy"... pick a monitor, that's not to big, and not to small.  I generally use monitors between 15 & 19 inches.

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Mel94 made it!5 months ago

mine is still currently in progress, but me and my cat is happy with it but can't wait till i get to finish it

is it olny old tv that need grounded ive had my moniter for what 3 years will it still hold a charge
AlpineButterfly (author)  king kolton94 years ago
No it's not only TV's that hold a charge... monitors do to. But ... personally, (like don't hunt me down if I'm wrong) if it hadn't been plugged in for 3 years, i don't think i would be worried, i think it slowly looses it's charge. Mind you... 2nd disclaimer... I am not a technician, just a gal who likes to tinker ;-)
thx that really helped i just dident want a repeat of the wet hands open outlet again
AlpineButterfly (author)  king kolton94 years ago
Sound as bad as my coat hanger in to socket incident... ;-)
ouch!!! and no
I have seen some capacitors hold a charge for up to ten years. Be careful. Always spark them.
You know were right about monitors holding a charge. My husband is an Electronics Tech in the Navy and he's my go-to guy for all things electrical. He told me that since our monitor hadn't been plugged in for 5+ years, I didn't have to worry about shocking myself, but there was that chance with the monitor I bought this morning because it's condition was unknown to us. I wore work gloves, and my husband pointed out to me what parts of the "guts" to watch out for, just in case. :) Good advice all around!
Yeah!!! [and a shout out to handy husbands, who go along with their wife's fun, silly, crazy ideas!! ]
SHAKEY08181 year ago
i Made this and it only took 20 min to take apart and paint.I did buy the stickers and frogs for $3 and i used a bath mat $7 (washable).Im happy with it and the person i made it for loves it.
AlpineButterfly (author)  SHAKEY08181 year ago
Awesome Shakey0818!! looks cool, I'm glad it was appreciated :)
VikingDK1 year ago
Really great use of something that is real bad for the environment. :)
This is so cool I need to make 1 of these
very kewl!!!
going to make one of these for SURE =)
AndyGadget1 year ago
I've only just seen this - Absolutely Brilliant!
(Puts my cat cave in the shade #;¬)
nice idea, maybie i wil make one to for my mrouw
164051 year ago
So cute! And considering I work at a technology recycle factory, and I get to take home a lot of old computers and monitors, I'm definitely doing this :D
Suppa cute!! love the devil 1!
pity the cat when you try to do this with a flat screen, ha ha.
dvgvintage2 years ago
Wow what an excellent job!! I have two (2) here to finish and I didn't know that you could paint them. My big cat (the older and longest) has a vintage tv cabinet for me to make a backing and pillow for her, only I can't decide on the fabric. The baby I found a monitor at the Salvation Army for .99 that I loved taking it apart. I'm going to try and make the custom pillow that you did with the pattern and her's I can't decide on the fabric too.

I live for my girls to have pink always, so I may try painting it. I've tried to use plastic paint in the past and it turned out awful for me :(

Nice job!!!!!!
SUPER CUTE BTW would this work for dogs too?
colorex3 years ago
Will my flatscreen plasma work? LOL just kidding!
Yeah it will :P
It will if you use a hammer LOL.
tankdo2 years ago
always the same cat website, lol
Prototyp 812 years ago
so funny with the mouse in front of the monitor :) great job!!!
eaarsvold2 years ago
I think my chihuahua needs one!
Finally! A use for several old monitors I've kept because "There might be a use for them some day".

I can't wait to tell me husband LOL
Whooo hoooo! I've been wanting one of these for my cat for awhile now but didn't want to buy one. Thanks to stumbling across your tute, my cat's new bed is almost done. I just need to go make the pad for it.

I used our original monitor that we still had from 1998, and I bought a second one this morning from a guy on CL for $10 for a friend's cat.

But I do have a question: in all seriousness, if you were/are selling these in your Etsy shop, then why post a tute? You might lose a sale or two from someone like me. :) But thanks for posting it!!!!!!!!
I'm SURE posting this... has lost me some Etsy sales... but then that's not really the point. The point is to keep people thinking creatively about recycling, and trying to keep a few more monitors out of land fills. :-) ... oh yeah and happy cats, happy cats are REALLY important!

I also like keeping my art as transparent as I can... It helps me learn, and keeps me honest. I strive to keep things as eco-friendly as possible, and often other people have great ideas about how I can improve my process. Writing tutorials, helps me examine that process and share my motivation :-)

& finally, I'm putting a little faith in my abilities as an artist.... people will make more of these (and I LOVE seeing Pictures of them...hint hint), but no one will make them exactly like mine, they will make them beautiful in there own way... which I trust is different than the weird & funny I make mine. I'm totally psyched that you are making one!!!!!!

Oh! that is awesome!! love that idea!!
sdhardie4 years ago
These are wonderful!!

For years now, I've wanted to make an aquarium out of an antique console tv (the kind that has claw feet and is free standing.)  I guess I should search instructables for how to make one!
I once saw where someone used one of those to make a catbox enclosure. There was a curtain along the front. I thought it was ingenius!
AlpineButterfly (author)  sdhardie4 years ago
Oooohhh Wow!   I'd love to get my hands on a TV with the claw feet... droool.  That would look great as an Aquarium! 
ladylissa3 years ago
i can't wait to make one for my kitty "Boudoir"! I inherited her recently when my grandmother passed away and I think a cozy place for her to relax away from my dogs may be just what she needs. She misses my grandmother a lot, and she is 16!!! So naturally as a senior kitty she likes her privacy and needs extra comfort! Perhaps i will put some catnip in the cushion before i sew it up to encourage her to hop inside! Thank you so much for this instructable!
MicioGatta3 years ago
I love this one! I've got a monitor case, as soon as possible I'll make it :)
philip bond3 years ago
I surely post photo of my cat ..I have unique photo my cats in beautiful cat beds ..these monitor
cat beds are amazing
philip bond3 years ago
this would be a great idea for my cats ..i think this
cat bed is
affordable and not so complicated to do practically ..i will surely do this to give my cats a unique
cat bed ...
chrizw1233 years ago
This is a great idea :) I wonder could I add a bird cage front to it for budgies
TheGreatS3 years ago
Wow, nice screen saver.
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