Hello all! This is my first Instructable and while it's not a really difficult one, it's one that a frugal bicycle mechanic can easily appreciate.


- An old pair of pliers
- A second pair of pliers
- An old bike chain
- Chain breaker
- Hammer

Step 1: Destroy the Old Pliers

Ensuring that your old pliers are easily taken apart like the one in the photo, use the other pair of pliers to remove the bolt.
<p>AMAZING!! Genius lies in simplicity. Utility = 100%. Total cost = zero. </p>
Why didn't i think of this, I'm gonna make me one of these right now! <br> <br>I have all the parts in my old toolbox now, dead players, bike chain, hammer.. <br>Ima gonna get me a Chain Whip job! brb! <br> <br>Thank you for this instructable!
very clever! love it
very well done <br>thanks
This is ingenious and works great! Alas, either my technique or the two old sprockets I have are preventing me from disassembling the cassette ...
Excellent! Just what I've been looking for.
Excellent! Thanks! <br>
Ha I can see where you got that. But it comes in handy if you're working with wheels frequently
I thought it was a weapon at first.

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