Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin





Introduction: Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin

My daughter and I made a few chalkboard pumpkins from craft pumpkins. Use them to count down the days til Halloween, or draw a different jack-o-lantern face every day of October!

Craft pumpkin
chalkboard paint
paint brush

1. Wipe down the pumpkin to remove and dust or dirt.
2. Paint with chalkboard paint. We did 2 coats and let dry overnight.
3. Draw on a funny face with chalk!

Super easy and super fun!



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    Fluorescent chalk and a black light would make a cool effect

    Cool! I'm going to make one [:

    What a cute idea! You can change his face as many times as you want! Very creative.

    This is cute. Makes me think of Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings.

    Thanks for sharing! I like this idea.

    This is an awesome idea, totally on my list for next year!

    5 Stars and my vote for a super-creative Instructable!

    My only concern might be that the pumpkin could rot sooner. I recently heard a program on NPR where some expert pumpkin carvers said a) never cut out the stem, because it helps nourish the pumpkin and keep it fresh, and b) refresh a flagging pumpkin by putting it in ice water for an hour or so. I think it might be suffocated by being painted all over. Let us know how long it lasts, okay?