Introduction: Make a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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This instructable shows how to find the true meaning of Christmas.  It's not about fancy aluminum Christmas trees, real estate, a blue ribbon for the best decorated dog house, or cash in 10s and 20s.  It's about hope, and who has more hope than anyone else?

Charlie Brown

Who hopes to someday kick that football, who hopes to someday woo that little red headed girl, and who hopes that all his anxieties are a figment of his imagination despite wasting all those nickels and dimes on "Psychiatric Help".

This instructable is not about a sad little tree.  It's about a tree which still has some hope.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

-A cedar/pine branch (real or fake)
-Pruners (or metal clippers if using fake)
-Piece of wood
-Red ball ornament and ornament hook
-Electric drill
-Drill bits
-Dried beans (or pebbles)
-Wood glue (if necessary)


Step 2: Prep the Branch

Picture of Prep the Branch
Bend the branch so it can hang down better.

Prune away extra leaves and branches so that it looks sparse.


Step 3: Drill the Hole

Picture of Drill the Hole
Approximate how large of a hole you'll need.  The drill bit should be a little larger than the end of the branch.

Drill the hole in the center of the piece of wood.


Step 4: Insert Branch

Picture of Insert Branch
Insert the branch into the hole.  Use wood glue to hold it in place if necessary.


Step 5: Weight the Ornament

Picture of Weight the Ornament
Add beans (or pebbles) to the inside of the ball ornament.  You won't need too many.


Step 6: Attach Ornament

Picture of Attach Ornament
Wrap the ornament hanging wire around a minor upper branch.  You might have to readjust the amount of beans (or pebbles) inside the ornament to get the right effect.



bercas5427 (author)2017-12-07


Jayefuu (author)2009-12-13

Nice pics as ever. So what's the story behind this? :D

Kiteman (author)Jayefuu2009-12-13

How do you not know about Charlie Brown's Christmas tree??

MomLovesElectro (author)Kiteman2011-11-29

Is the ornament originally blue? or is it red? I thought it was red....

Kiteman (author)MomLovesElectro2011-11-29

It's red in my memory, but not on the internet - maybe he gets a new bauble every year?

MorzenM (author)Kiteman2015-12-03

It's red in the cartoon movie and blue in the original comic strip

MomLovesElectro (author)Kiteman2011-12-06

it's red in my memory too, hmmmm......I think I'll go with red when I make this.

bassclarinet23 (author)Kiteman2009-12-13

I can remember watching this every year (in my memory)! It never gets old.

static (author)bassclarinet232009-12-17

 The only network I can get over the air is CBS, and it's been at least 2 years since it aired.

bassclarinet23 (author)static2009-12-18

Yes, where I live it's only on ABC, I think.

Solderguy (author)bassclarinet232009-12-19

I live in Oregon and it's on ABC. But you can probably watch it at

bassclarinet23 (author)Solderguy2009-12-20


i just ran sound for this play at a church today its a classic

Yeah. It's amazing how popular it still is after how long it's been on. It's more than twice my age, and still going strong.

Jayefuu (author)Kiteman2009-12-13

I was never a big fan of snoopy. I remember it when I was growing up but I think I was too young when it was really really popular.

Perhaps you should retell the story for those of us who aren't lucky enough to know already :D

AngryRedhead (author)Jayefuu2009-12-13
A Charlie Brown Christmas was produced in the 1960s well before I was born.  There's a simple pleasant joy to it, and it's still relevant.  ABC is amazingly showing most of it on their website.  There are a couple clips edited out, but you'll understand a Charlie Brown Christmas tree from what they show.  Watch for the magic.
hammer9876 (author)AngryRedhead2009-12-17

Or the easier access version on youtube

StuNutt (author)hammer98762009-12-17

Yes,  thanks - I found the YouTube  :)  :)

StuNutt (author)AngryRedhead2009-12-17

"Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories"

:(     :(

Unhappy of UK

AngryRedhead (author)StuNutt2009-12-17
Woooooow.  That's not spreading the yuletide cheer, now is it?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Yerboogieman (author)Kiteman2009-12-13

Even people out of the country know. ;-)

StuNutt (author)Yerboogieman2009-12-17

Yes - If he was a Brit, he'd be drawing his Old-Age State Pension  ;)

static (author)Jayefuu2009-12-17

 Check wikipedia, and youtube.

dathcha (author)2015-12-02

:) I must make it!!

Me 2

chasmoth (author)2015-12-03

My favorite tree. I can make one for Christmas.

thanks for your inspiration. and hope.

I agree.

Jesus~Jonnie~Jewelry (author)2015-12-03

Red. Kool. Ty, 4 sharing

AngryRedhead (author)2013-12-22

Thought better of the reply and unfortunately don't have an edit. I'm glad you like the Instructable.

JKPieGuy (author)2013-12-22

It's kind of funny cause my Grandfather did something like this last year. (I even have a pic of it.) Still nice instructable!

Sampson2013 (author)2013-12-08

I love this. My drill is toast so I made a cardboard stand for mine. I made the bough from two different trees to give it a real Charlie Brown look. Thanks for the tutorial.

chouseholder (author)2012-12-03

This should is something to do today!!!

racoontnn (author)2012-11-12

It looks very elegant. And will adorn any table on New Year's

MomLovesElectro (author)2011-11-29

this is awesome, it's even better because I have everything available in my house/outside right now to make this! I think adding the lil blankie would be cute too. (I bet my sister has a lil blue blanket since she has a baby boy) I think I might make one as a centerpiece for our Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I wonder how many people will figure out the reference. THANK YOU for this.

MissDaisy (author)2011-09-15

LOL... this is amazing.

Last year, I actually bought the Charlie Brown tree that was selling at Home Hardware and paid 20.00 (CND)... hehehe. And wouldn't you know it, when it got dismantled after Xmas, my husband dropped the one and only ball... LOLOLO.

I won't feel bad this year if he drops another because now, with your brilliant instructable, I'll be able to get "him" to make me another tree :))

Thanks for sharing.

sunshiine (author)2011-07-18

This is sooo cute! I will make it this year! Thanks for sharing.

AZNdude (author)2010-12-27

This is really cool!
I made my own and put up an instructable.
Didn't realize that someone already posted one.
mine's here:

woody558 (author)2010-01-24
Living in central texas, I have so many annoying cedar trees behind my house. Thanks for the i'ble!!!!!!!
AngryRedhead (author)woody5582010-01-25
Glad to be of help!
Tunesrlife (author)2009-12-27

Very quirky, very cute :)
Do you have a spacific area set aside for photography, or did you shop the perfectly white backgrounds in?

AngryRedhead (author)Tunesrlife2009-12-27
Ha!  Thanks.  No, my "studio" is movable, and I don't do a lot of photoshop/gimp work.
Termyte (author)2009-12-18

...not to mention that
a) no insects eat the cedar tree
b) cedar pollen wreaks havoc on our allergies
c) living in the Texas hill Country, they DO grow like weeds.
d) if Ms Redhead need to relieve some of her anger, she's more than welcome to come over and take her aggression out on all of the cedar trees on my property. :)

Thanks for the contribution, AngryRedhead!

AngryRedhead (author)Termyte2009-12-18
Ha!  I'm still battling the cedars on my own tiny 1/2 acre.

And glad you like it!
vv07f (author)2009-12-15

Nice.  Here's mine with a gold ornament and different stand.  I don't have a red ornament yet, should look better. 

vv07f (author)vv07f2009-12-15


AngryRedhead (author)vv07f2009-12-15
Awwwww, it's precious!

That's one hardcore stand.
AngryRedhead (author)vv07f2009-12-15
I don't see a link or an image.  : (
red-king (author)2009-12-13

 wouldn't using a artificial branch defeat the purpose?

AngryRedhead (author)red-king2009-12-13
I like to leave options open.  There's a reason why I used a real tree branch as opposed to a fake, but there are quite a few forlorn artificial trees destined for the landfill which should be appreciated in their own special way.
red-king (author)AngryRedhead2009-12-14

 I suppose.

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