Introduction: Make a Children's Log Cabin With Pallets

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In this article I propose to you the making of a cabin for child!

I create it for the 3 years of our daughter, Colyne. It is mounted on stilts (Electric recovery poles), the floor is realized with wood terrace floor targeted on a structure of lumber (battens).

The structure of the hut is made in studs covered with pallet planks and the roof is made with composite plates imitation tiles.

It receives a staircase, a guardrail around the terrace, plexi windows that open, wooden shutters, window boxes and solar LED lighting.

With the falls of wood I could also make a table and 2 chairs.


  • pallet boards,
  • wood terrace floor,
  • Electric poles,
  • concrete,
  • battens,
  • joist,
  • composite plate tiles,
  • screws,
  • paint ...

Tools used:

  • Circular saw,
  • miter saw,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • router ...

Time spent:
about 50H (excluding study and dismantling of pallets)

The vidéo :

The plan is available in PDF format

Step 1: Foundations and Wood Posts

Picture of Foundations and Wood Posts

The owner chooses the land of his future home.

Cleaning of the ground and preparation of the studs.
I used concrete pillar elements to avoid formwork and for a better result.

The pole brackets are made of recovered shelf brackets, attached with a rail chute for plaster boards.

And finally the blocks are filled with concrete

Step 2: Floor

Picture of Floor

Installation of the 6 wood recovery poles (height 85 cm, diameter 18 cm)

The structure of the floor is made of joist (thanks for translation to brmarcum) (3m x 1,24m), nailed and screwed, it is fixed to the posts with framework brackets.

The floor is made of wooden deck boards screwed to the structure (with stainless steel screws)

Step 3: Structure of the Walls

Picture of Structure of the Walls

The structure of the hut is made of studs assembled by screwing.

It is then screwed onto the floor

Step 4: Pallet Walls

Picture of Pallet Walls

Removal of pallets (approx. 30) and removal of nails.

They are then sorted to keep only the most beautiful boards.

The planks are cut with a miter saw then screwed on the structure.

Step 5: Roof

Picture of Roof

Laying of the roof: composite plate imitation tiles, fixed with special screws (containing a seal) on truss.

Step 6: Stair and Railing

Picture of Stair and Railing

Installation of the guardrail and the staircase for the happiness of the future occupant.

The railing is made with pallet boards and battens for the handrail. The staircase is made with the rest of the decking boards and 2 boards (planks) as strings.

Step 7: Paint

Picture of Paint

The planks are not very beautiful, they are painted after having plugged the holes of nails with wood pulp.

The shutters are made with falling pallets. A circular saw in the middle of the 3 planks gives the illusion that there are 6 boards.
Not functional, they are targeted on the walls for decoration.

Step 8: Table and Chairs

Picture of Table and Chairs

To furnish the cabin, I made 2 chairs and a table with the wood I had left

Step 9: Solar Lighting

Picture of Solar Lighting

I added solar LED lighting and 2 solar terminals at the top of the stairs.

Step 10: Reward

Picture of Reward

My work has been published in the French magazine "Système D"


cedergarden (author)2017-08-07

Hey It's amazing!

Well, garden cabins can be used for children's extra space or for home office as well. Garden offices trend has already become hugely popular with growing numbers of home

nerd_at_work (author)2016-11-27

Great job, totally love it

MagicManu (author)nerd_at_work2016-11-27

Thank you :)

leplanhisto (author)2016-11-25

super travail félicitations !!!

nice job, congratulations !!

MagicManu (author)leplanhisto2016-11-25

Merci à toi ?

Lineakat (author)2016-11-23


MagicManu (author)Lineakat2016-11-25

Thanks :)

Lovetra (author)2016-11-23

Almost makes me wish I had a grand-daughter to build it for! Love the furniture.

Precious! Downloaded the PDF for future reference!

MagicManu (author)Lovetra2016-11-25

Thank you ! You can also make one for yourself ! ;)

Treasure Tabby (author)2016-11-22

Wonderful! I always admire parents that make things for their kids. :) Just so long as the kids don't become spoiled brats that is. ;)

MagicManu (author)Treasure Tabby2016-11-22


dante_iforgot (author)2016-11-22

I think adding a slide would also be a nice feature for kids.

MagicManu (author)dante_iforgot2016-11-22

Good idea but Colyne already has a slide with its swing :)

cybercapri (author)2016-11-22


brmarcum (author)2016-11-21

I love this. Great work.

FYI - bastaing translates to plank. For the floor bastaings you would say joist, the wall bastaings would be studs, and each roof support on either end would be atruss. All of these come together to form the framing.

MagicManu (author)brmarcum2016-11-22

Thank you very much for the translation brmarcum, I corrected my article :)

Swansong (author)2016-11-21

C'est adorable!

MagicManu (author)Swansong2016-11-21

Merci, c'est normal c'est pour une fille adorable ?

Swansong (author)MagicManu2016-11-21

Peut-être pour une adorable princesse :)

ClenseYourPallet (author)2016-11-21

Beautiful job! I especially love the pallet siding


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