Introduction: Make a Chinese Style Leaf Fan ( Rush-leaf Fan)

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Rush-leaf fan has a long history in China. It's easy to make and it can generate a strong wind with delicate smell. It isn't portable but it's great for home use.

Step 1: Materials

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a leaf of from a fan palm
cloth or paper (anything can fold and sew will do
sewing tools or stampler
thick thread or electrical tape

You'd better clean your leaf first.

Step 2: Trim Your Leaf

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Trim your leaf smoothly.
Don't remain too much. About 40 cm wide and 35 cm long (not include petiole) is enough.

Step 3: Suture the Edge

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If you're good at sewing, you can use your sewing tools to suture the edge as ancient Chinese do.
If you're as lazy as me, you can use your stampler.

I don't know how to sew the fan so you can seach for images about it (sorry, instructables can't dispaly chinese charaters).

I cut the edge of a pp bag (woven bag), then stamp them to the edge of leaf.
It takes about 60 stamples.

Step 4: Treat the Handle

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There's lots of small stabs on the handle. So you should wrap up it.

Ancient Chinese twine thick cotton threads round the handle.
But I couldn't find so many threads so I used electrical tape.

After that, cut surplus part.

Step 5: Pressing and Dehydration

Picture of Pressing and Dehydration

There is sitll some holes on the fan. So you need to press it flat with some heavy books.
And some time later, it will dehydrate and turns yellow. It will be much lighter and easier to use.


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