Picture of Make a Circular tote with zipper and lining
Hi, Welcome to my first instructable.  There are a lot of swell tutorials telling you how to sew wonderful things on the internets so I decided to provide you with a combo of skills: ZIPPERS + LINING + CIRCLES.

This tutorial is geared towards people who have a basic to moderate working knowledge of sewing machines and would like to try some trickier feats.  I would suggest looking at this tutorial for beginners. If you're really new at this, check out this tutorial on how to use a sewing machine.
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Step 1: Gather your materials!

Picture of Gather your materials!

1 yard of fabric, I suggest something sturdy-ish like canvas or broadcloth.  You may use 2 different fabrics as I did for the inside and out.

1 zipper, I chose a standard 6 inch zipper, you can you chose bigger or smaller, as long as it is not longer than half the circumference of your chosen circle template. (we'll calculate that later).

some thread, pick something that matches your fabric.


You need a sewing machine, all it needs to do is a straight stitch.
Dessert plate
Bobbin loaded with thread
(I'm a slacker, but you may find pins useful to keep your layers together.)

Step 2: Trace & snip

Picture of trace & snip
NB: Fabric should always be pre-washed to shrink and ironed or relatively flat.

Fold fabric to accomodate the surface area of you plate. Trace plate and cut 2.
Repeat this step on same or different fabric to produce 4 circles.

Side Panel:
calculate your circumference in order to know the needed length of your side panel:
Measure your diameter (the full width of the circle) and multiply it by 3.14, you know... Pi!

You do not need to subtract the length of the zipper as the extra will serve as a handle,
see what I did there?

You should cut out 2 strips that measure the length of the circumference and the width of the zipper.

Step 3: Sewing - Side panel

Picture of Sewing - Side panel
Sew the end of the side panel face to face. Turn outside-right and sew a 1/2 inch over the base of the zipper (face up).
HollyMann2 years ago
That's really cute and looks very useful! LOVE the pics and graphics with them.. :)
wonderful tutorial and a beautiful little bag :)
How cute! Also a super clear tutorial - love all the photos. :D