Make a Classic Anna Griffin Floral Folded Skirt Card



Introduction: Make a Classic Anna Griffin Floral Folded Skirt Card

This card is a classic Anna Griffin style card and I use lots of her goodies to make this, including the 3D papercrafting special effects embossing folders to make the folded skirt and 3D stickers to finish the card. To make the card it is surprisingly easy and I show you how.

Step 1: Items Used

Anna Griffin Green base card cut down to 1 at 7x5inches and 1 at 8x5inches

Assortment of Anna Griffin papers for the front and the insert

Anna Griffin border strip

Anna griffin embossing folder in 'circles'

Presscut circle dies

Anna Griffin round sentiment

Gold gilding wax

Satin ribbon

Assortment of Anna Griffin stickers

Stix 2 Anything 3D foam pads and PVA glue

and a paper clip..

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial



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