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    This is so awesome

    Thanks, what type oil ? My linseed turns black, why ?

    Never heard about that decolourisation, sorry. I usually use 'kitchen work blade oil', a ready-mixed mixture of natural oils you'll find in every bricomarket. Non-toxic, and used for tables, salad bowls and so on.

    I dont even fish and I want to make one of these!

    This is so awesome! I love fishing! Great work!

    Slqap some paint and real hooks on that sucker, and id use it as a lure!

    this is great! I know just the peice of wood to use for this project.

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    Go for it! Glad to hear from you again! As you can see, I can't stay away from my workshop for too long!

    Yeah I am always working on something too! I have used a few of your instructables for inspiration. here pretty soon i want to try my hand at making a pipe. I don't smoke, but I think it would be a good challenge.

    Very nice! If you need any help, please ask. I have made quite a few pipes from birch, sumac, and sunflower stalks too.

    Sweet, I will let you know, that project is a little ways down the pipe line so to speak. I have a few gifts to build, you know how it is! Thanks alot for your help.

    For what it's worth the alum.spinner thingy is actually called the lip.Very cool ible, you could put real hooks on it and use it,then use as key fob with a cool story behind it.