Step 4: Obtaining a Radioactive Source

Picture of Obtaining a Radioactive Source
There are many easily obtained inexpensive (and legal) radioactive sources available online.

See video samples / discuss radioactive sources at http://forum.nothinglabs.com

Certain years of Fiestaware dishes featured a "radioactive red" color that actually contained uranium!

A small chip can make an excellent cheap cloud chamber source - try searching ebay for "fiestaware sample"

Small Autunite samples commonly sell for about $20 on ebay (contains uranium).

Search ebay descriptions for "geiger" and "cpm" to see other possibilities.

Alternately - the cloud chamber can be used without a radiation source to view cosmic rays.  They typically appear once every 1-2 minutes.

Take precautions appropriate for your sample!  The provider of your specimen may be able to provide further information on its safety.

To be extra safe - use gloves when handling.  Wash your hands after if you should touch it.

vidyadhara5 years ago

I missed this link on the previous one. 
vidyadhara5 years ago
I saw a video on you tube that suggests using a gas lantern mantle. Apparently this thing contains thorium oxide. And thorium is a radioactive material.
The whole thing is harmless and widely used. This was a most popular variety of lighting until the coming of the electric bulb. 
jeremydeath5 years ago
If you are willing to spend a little more money, there are some great radiation sources over at http://unitednuclear.com/. They have some really cool stuff there.