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Step 1: Conclusion

I'm definitely not trying to be rude because my intentions are not like that, I was just wondering why it is that your cocktail umbrella isn't very.. er well put together? like the cardboard holders are a great idea and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you put this up because i've been searching hours to find this tutorial so I mean no disrespect. D:

I really do like the idea but it's a bit hard for me to follow because you're not very detailed with your descriptions or precise.

Please don't take offense. I may just be the slowest learner on the planet! :P
Awesome instructions! Just what I was looking for :) But I wanted to use it for the Lord Ganesh Festival where we use an umbrella as an accessory for the idol :) This is just fantastic... Thanks a lot!
kevinvos5 years ago
why he don't work so good as a real one?
Lovely! God job1
chile.limon6 years ago
Zazu6 years ago
FINALLY.. like seriously .. this is great! one of my fave instructables ever.. maybe coz it has a special meaning for me!
9ATICA6 years ago
These umbrellas are awesome. Do you happen to have the measurements of the cardboard you used?
BrianKT (author)  9ATICA6 years ago
The strips I used were 4" long and 1/8" wide. But use whatever you think is appropriate.
truovrld6 years ago
Aww... I miss read it... I was hoping for a full (human) sized 'cocktail' umbrella. Good Instructable, though.