Picture of Make a Cocooned Body for Halloween display
I saw a cocooned/Mummified body Halloween decoration on HSN for $90 and I figured I can do better than that.  I decided to use items that I had around the house to keep costs to a minimum.
Items that I used.

1. 1 set of old headphones.
2.  at least 20 plastic grocery bags. the more the better.
3.  Tape.  I used free tape that I ordered from the postal service / or twine
4.  Pvc Pipe. I used 1 1/2"  x 6' pipe.
5.  2 pvc 1 1/2" 90 degree pipe elbows
6. 1  pvc  1 1/2" cross connector
7. 25 ft of sewer/septic  paper. I picked this up at Home Depot. It is like a very thin fiberglass fabric.

Step 1: The Headphones!

Picture of The Headphones!
Start with headphones.

 I used a pair of broken wireless headphones. you can find an old 70ish style set or even use a old phone headset as long as it has a sturdy  over the head  piece.

tinker2343 years ago
very nice a windshield motor could have it rocking back and forth as if the victum trying to escape
sneakypup4 years ago
Do you think that paper tubes would work fine to save some money instead of PVC.
sneakypup4 years ago
Couldn't you just use all bags and not worry about using head phones at all? Just put a bunch of bags in one bag and tie it closed.
geppetto4254 years ago
Our son made it with another small crossbar at the top where the feet would be and screwed in a pair of kids sneakers, looks real!
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Cool display!
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Mr. Frodo!
Beergnome4 years ago
wonderful! I'm thinking making the head hollow and adding a motor with an eccentric weight.
a 120 volt motor, then put a florescent light fixture starter in line with the positive to randomise the motors action..

oh yes.. very bad ideas coming down the pipe line
peakmom5 years ago

Great job! Very clever & detailed.

 I was thinking to modify your idea next halloween so I could actually be the cocooned body victim (with just my face sticking out a bit, pale of course) with maybe a web behind me (attached by my waist) to make it look like I'm laying in it. Then of course there has to be the star attraction - the large fanged spider looming overthe web, making it's way down to me to feed (maybe wired to the back of my head somewhere through the cocoon netting). I'd have to leave my feet free maybe from the knees down so I could walk. Disguised...I don't know how yet.

Got something else too! I could make two of your idea for my front porch so that they'll be hanging upside down and then I could be in my cocoon inbetween them so that when trick or treaters come up I could be "barely alive" but pleading, "hhhheeeelllppp meeeeeeeee." They'd have to get closer to me  to get the candy, which would be in a webbed basket at my feet filled with tiny plastic "baby" spiders.

Or...has all this been done already?
Anyway, only 274 Days till Halloween! Trick or Treat y'all!

mikoto (author)  peakmom5 years ago
That sounds fun. You could also put in a voice recorder or speaker and draw the attention to the cocoon and jump out as the tricked out spider or shoot silly string at them.
peakmom mikoto5 years ago
Yes! A speaker would work well since we have a lot of foot traffic on my street during Halloween. Thanks.
This is totally awesome!!!! I bet your daughter is proud!!! ;)
Ninzerbean5 years ago
That is just the creepiest thing I have ever seen, great job!
mikoto (author)  Ninzerbean5 years ago
Thank you so much,  I am glad to have creeped you out (^_^)
luvit5 years ago
 that looks great! it's just in time for easter!
ChrysN5 years ago
Eww, that's really creepy!
l8nite5 years ago
That headphone trick is pretty neat ! Im always on the look out for new haunting ideas for our haunted house, now I have something else to look out for at thrift stores and yard sales