Make a Copper sulfate and zinc battery - "Gravity" design

video Make a Copper sulfate and zinc battery - "Gravity" design
We make the classic copper sulfate and zinc battery using the incredibly easy "gravity" battery design approach. Great for science fairs and similar projects this battery can be used to explore many basic concepts in batteries.

All the components can be gotten from our previous videos:

Copper sulfate:


Sulfuric acid:

More information on the chemistry can be googled under the term "daniell cell"

Other science videos at our channel at

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lemonie5 years ago
Do you know where a person might buy copper sulphate? (these days)


Amazon has everything you need, even the zinc and copper electrode strips

you can make it on the next insturctable.u need sulfuric acid and copper fragments
United Nuclear is your friend, they have everything you need and more!

You can find copper sulfate in their "Chemicals & Metals" section...
i like them but they dont have some compounds i would like to have
NurdRage (author)  lemonie5 years ago
I believe it's sold in hardware stores to deal with roots in pipes, in agriculture to kill plants and by aquarium and pond suppliers to kill algea.
Oh yes - thanks for reminding me of that (long forgotten) L
ive bought some recently from bunings hardware in aus under the gardening section (used for pH levels in some plants i think) so try a gardening shop or your local hardware
Eurober4 years ago
Excellent scientific experiment, with an optimal explanation. Is it possible to use a semipermeable membrane? If yes, how could it be made?
dioblo23455 years ago
hey nurdrage you know about chemicals right? well can you tell me what i can do with copper chloride if you know please.thanks
hg3415 years ago
what is the dmm in 'cuz its reading 141.8?
NurdRage (author)  hg3415 years ago
play the video
hg341 NurdRage5 years ago
my internet dose not like videos
NurdRage (author)  hg3415 years ago
ignore this instructable and the image then, it only makes sense if you can watch the video.
hg341 NurdRage5 years ago
i went to a friends and watched it but i still dont know what i wanted to is it reading in millamps or amp?
NurdRage (author)  hg3415 years ago
milliamp. if that were 141.8 AMPS those thin wires would explode.
hg341 NurdRage5 years ago
thats what i was thinking