Step 12: Sew the Bottom Facing

Attach the bottom facing, using the same procedure as in step 10.  Take care that the bones are pushed as far towards the top as possible, so you don't accidentally break your needle!
Hi Natalina! Is that polyester boning pictured next to the spiral one? Is it possible to use polyester boning for corsets? I've never handled polyester myself..
<p>You are right, I thought they were plastic but the two kinds of boning pictured next to the spiral metal are polyester. As I mention in that step, I am not a fan of either of these types of commonly found craft store boning. Both buckle and warp, and don't work well for curved seams. It's worth the time to order boning online. Plastic has some advantages in that it's easy to cut to length, however a flat stay <a href="http://corsetmaking.com/category/plastic-boning.html" target="_blank">like this</a> is much better. For curved seams, always use spiral steel bones. </p>
Ok,thank you! that is really useful information, i really appreciate you sharing your expertise as there are very few options where I'm from, here in east India!:)
<p>Can you make a corset out of spandex? I want to make a corset and pair of leggings that match.</p>
<p>You can make a corset out of anything, but without the rigidity of a non-stretch fabric it won't perform like a classic corset unless you use a non-stretch fabric for the inner layer. All spandex will be more like a shirt with corset styling, but it will be much more comfortable! </p>
<p>This looks totally doable. Is that a word? I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>It is totally doable! Glad you are trying it, would love to see how it turns out. </p>
<p>Doable: within one's powers; feasible.</p>
<p>This has been so useful to me!! Is there a way to hide the boning so you can't see it? Xx</p>
<p>You mean so the channels aren't visible? You could add another layer of face fabric to the outside (same pattern) so the channels are hidden on the interior. Same process with the facing on the top and bottom, just do that process with three layers of fabric vs two. </p>
<p>Exactly! Thanks ever so much :D</p>
<p>What pattern did you use?</p>
<p>I draped my pattern. If you have access to a dress form, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Use-a-Dress-Form/" target="_blank">this instructable</a> goes over the basics of how to make a pattern yourself. </p>
is there is quick tip on how to prevent the eyelets from coming off? nice instructable!
<p>Eyelets coming out can be a problem. The more reinforcement the better. Use a few layers of interfacing or some kind of stiff woven fabric within that back panel to provide rigid support, and they should stay put.</p>
<p>Love your Corset design - I would love to be able to get a similar pattern to make some - I have only made the one so far and loved the process and end result.</p>
That is a nice corset.Looks like a real high end pro made one.I want to learn the art or corset making.Is it bad that I am a straight man and I like to design and make ladies clothing?
<p>You go for it Ben, Stitching needs more visible men!</p>
right there with ya bro I've bend designing basic women's cloths for years and just recently decided to start in things of a more intimate nature.
No. It's awesome. Break the stereotype.
Thank you all for the kind words and support.<br><br>Natalina,I have subscribed to you.Please teach us more.
I agree! Women's clothing is awesome, and some of the biggest fashion houses are run by straight men- no shame in that! Thanks for the subscribe!
Thanks and you're welcome.
I think it's awesome! Go ben2go!
no, it means you are appreciative!<br>and I am sure any woman would love homemade lingerie as a present!<br>
<p>I found if you use hobby quality brass strips for the boning it works just as well as steel but slightest bit more flex to it</p>
Hello, um, i'm considering using this patter in the very near future for a cosplay. But for reference, how would i insert the modesty panel? also, i'm not very good at sewing, i can barely sew straight... anyway i'm sure i can get plenty of help for this. This looks like a very easy thing to do, the tutorial is brilliant and it'll save me a lot of money from buying corsets,and all i'll have to splurge on is shipping. Anyway, thanks for this beautiful tutorial, once again, i'll def try this out
<p>That would depend on the kind of modesty panel you are after. Most are just a seemed strip of fabric [on a 32inch corset, you're looking about 6 inches] that just sit where the lacing is. However, there are fittings you put on it so you don't' have to worry too much about adjusting the modesty panel when you do the corset up. The common fastening, is the hook and eye. </p>
can you design and post instructions for a style that just comes up under the breasts instead of covering them, and thus has no shoulder straps? I want one that holds me in and my boobs up but that I can wear pasties with. thx.
That's called an Underbust corset. This is an overbust corset.
really pretty I just need the figure to pull it off :)
This entire tutorial was wonderful! After seeing $495.00 corsets at the Ren Faire, there's no need to spend that much on one item when you can make a few for the same price! The sewing instructions are easy enough for a beginner sewer (with some local help LOL) and your descriptions of the boning, making the bone channels and fabrics was great, no wonder you're a &quot;pro&quot;!
corset-story.com has some good ones for good prices.
Thanks lgamer! Happy sewing!
Have to say that this is the easiest explanation of corsetmaking I have ever seen...I have bookmarked it in my browser so I can access it again and again...can't wait to try it for myself...I need a little slimmerizer, so I think I'll do one with a little more boning, but can't wait...I'm going shopping...lol!
Better, if you don't sew together all parts of outer and inner fabric, but sew the relating inner and outer parts with a hand-needle while bending the outer parts over the inner parts, say, you stress the outer parts to keep the corset's visible fabric from crinkling.
Que lindoooooooo! Eu quero fazer!!! ;D
Hello,<br>How long do you think it would take a beginner to make a corset?????<br>I need one for Halloween, and the ones online will not ship to my house on time.
Hmm, hard to say. The pattern is probably the most time consuming step to get right. Once you have a pattern, it takes me about 4-6 hours without any setbacks. But you can also cut corners and not have a lining, just enclose the bones in the seam allowance. I've definitely done that for costumes, just make sure you still interface the area where the eyelets go!
Where on earth do you get your metal boning?
See step 3!
it looks difficult to do?
Hey! I love this tutorial, and I plan on making a one as soon as I can, but I was wondering, How much does the front of the corset hold it's shape when taken off/put on? I want to sew on an EL design but it can't bend much at all.
Thanks efarrow!<br><br>The front of a corset will hold it's shape pretty well. It will conform to your shape to some extent, but as they were designed to &quot;shape&quot; you, what you sew is what you get for the most part. That is why I really recommend trying a sample first to make sure the fit is what you are going for, since once all the bones are in, it aint changing much! Hope that helps...
it's wonderful so easy<br>
Lovely craftwork , a beautifully done piece of work.
Are there any instructions anywhere on lacing and tying one ?
impressive 'able, very well documented, easy to follow and the final product is very professional looking.<br>And if I may say so: Your'e stunning, lady.
I love it! This instructable is awesome and really informative!! I'm going to make one.
+a billion!<br>Stunning!<br><br>I've tried and tried to understand from many ibles how to get all the steps right and this one comes closest to understandability. Most all suffer from the logical &quot;this is a somewhat advanced topic, so we're going to assume you know how to sew and all the terminology involved&quot;. I can sew, heck, I can even thread a serger, but when it comes to 'what layer goes where, and when to use what stitch for what seam(s) it gets out of hand quickly...<br><br>Particularly difficult is getting the darn thing to lay flat, even when ironing - it's a compound curve, designed specifically NOT to lay flat after you've sewn it ;)<br><br>It's tricky but you've pulled it off wonderfully! One day I shall get this project done! One day!

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