Step 16: Finished!

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And voila! You're done!
Hello, um, i'm considering using this patter in the very near future for a cosplay. But for reference, how would i insert the modesty panel? also, i'm not very good at sewing, i can barely sew straight... anyway i'm sure i can get plenty of help for this. This looks like a very easy thing to do, the tutorial is brilliant and it'll save me a lot of money from buying corsets,and all i'll have to splurge on is shipping. Anyway, thanks for this beautiful tutorial, once again, i'll def try this out
lgamer3 years ago
This entire tutorial was wonderful! After seeing $495.00 corsets at the Ren Faire, there's no need to spend that much on one item when you can make a few for the same price! The sewing instructions are easy enough for a beginner sewer (with some local help LOL) and your descriptions of the boning, making the bone channels and fabrics was great, no wonder you're a "pro"!
Natalina (author)  lgamer3 years ago
Thanks lgamer! Happy sewing!
efarrow4 years ago
Hey! I love this tutorial, and I plan on making a one as soon as I can, but I was wondering, How much does the front of the corset hold it's shape when taken off/put on? I want to sew on an EL design but it can't bend much at all.
Natalina (author)  efarrow4 years ago
Thanks efarrow!

The front of a corset will hold it's shape pretty well. It will conform to your shape to some extent, but as they were designed to "shape" you, what you sew is what you get for the most part. That is why I really recommend trying a sample first to make sure the fit is what you are going for, since once all the bones are in, it aint changing much! Hope that helps...
topisco4 years ago
it's wonderful so easy
ben2go4 years ago
That is a nice corset.Looks like a real high end pro made one.I want to learn the art or corset making.Is it bad that I am a straight man and I like to design and make ladies clothing?