I'm a huge fan of the Android phone, but sometimes i get bored and want to tinker. I decided to make myself an ultra minimal homescreen. The tools i used to make the following were:

- Launcher Pro
- Simple Text
- Simi Clock
- Simple Calendar

I also rooted my phone to get you these sweet screen shots, but that's not necessary for these mods. It essentially was a result of poking around with the settings until i found something i liked.

What kind of hacks have you done with your Android themes? post the photos in the comments below.
First of all, love it! Secondly, I have an LG Optimus Black with CM, and it works like a charm :) But gonna try this :)
First of all, love it! Secondly, I have an LG Optimus Black with CM, and it works like a charm :) But gonna try this :)
cyanogenmod ;)
i love CM, but i haven't found a good way to get it on my LG optimus yet, maybe when i have a spare weekend i'll hack away at it.
Look in the market for clockwork mod recovery and you will have to pay to d/l but it will give you the option to install Cyanogenmod 7.1 or 7.2 i believe you can get 7 for free, it will do a full d/l and install for you just have to have a rooted phone I also have an LG Optimus and first thing i did after getting it was root that baby for the SU goodness lol
i get all my info on xda delvelopers, all phone specific stuff
Which optimus do you have?
Here are some of mine!<br> They are all, except for the one on my nook, on my LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. If you would like to know anything I used, feel free to ask!<br> I'm working on a new one as we speak! For details, visit my <a href="http://caseyls.deviantart.com/" rel="nofollow">deviantART </a>and my <a href="http://mycolorscreen.com/kcls/" rel="nofollow">MyColorscreen</a>!
Hm does instructables compress files now? The pictures look really bad. Check out my deviantart for the full quality pictures.
Maybe I can try this today with my new phone!

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