In this instructable I've documented how to make a pretty, simple and fun layered card. I made this in under five minutes. There can be many variations of this, which I think, I’ll post in a little while as well. Hope you like it…let’s begin ^_^

Things you’ll need:

• Pastel sheets or card paper in any two colors of your choice (I took a brown and dull shade of orange, more peach-ish than orange)
• A steel ruler/scale
• Paper cutter
• A small piece of ribbon (I took a red one, 12cm long)
• A cute looking sticker or a small cute picture
• Tape, Double-sided tape

Step 1:

Start with the orange paper. 

Cut out a rectangle using the steel ruler and cutter. (You can use a regular plastic ruler too but the cutter damages the plastic scale's edges as you cut along it, hence its better to use a steel scale).

Make sure the longer edge of the rectangle is roughly double the length of the shorter edge, so that we get a square when we fold this rectangle in half, as shown in the images. 

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