Picture of Make a Database in Open office
Data Bases can be really helpful. They can be made for personal things, like a CD collection for example, or business, for something like how many cars they have. So now, I'm going to show you how to make a database in Openoffice.Org.
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Step 1: Open up Base

Picture of Open up Base
Open up Open Office.org (Now referred to by me as OO.org) base and select create new database. Then click finish. It will prompt you to save, so save it and name it what you like.

Step 2: Make the Grid

Picture of Make the Grid
To start, you're going to get all of your information in. To do this, you need o make a Table. So, go to The "Table" tab and select the Wizard option. Design view is for advanced people. If you were advanced, you probably wouldn't be looking at this Instructable right now.

Step 3: Step 1 of the wizard

Picture of Step 1 of the wizard
step 3 select cd coll..jpg
Step one pic intro.jpg
On step one are your fields. Those are the information that will be in your database, whichever way you might choose to present it. As you can see, there's a picture of a database entry. This is a good example of what fields look like.

So, lets go over from the business bubble, to the personal bubble. (No pun intended)

There, there's a drop down menu called simple tables, and select CD-collection.

Then add Artist and AlbumTitle to your box on the right. I know that I'm not very good at explaining things, so you should probably check out the pictures.

Step 4: Wizard Step 2-4

So, now you're on step two. This is pretty much for advanced users, although there is one thing I use it for. There's a box for the name of the field, and you can change it. That's pretty much it. Now you can click next.

Step three is just another advanced feature. Just make sure "Automatically add a primary key" is selected.

Just click next on step 4 and off we go.
dewmik10 months ago

Keeps telling me that I need to install JRE which I did. Still says needs JRE. I prefer open office but I simply don't have time to mess with things like that right now. None of Java listed anything for win 8.1 (which is also the worst thing to happen to computers)

anfesoft2 years ago
I would like to connect my open office database with my website, how can I do that , any idea?
How does one display multiple entry fields on the same screen? I want to be able to edit the entire database at one time, rather than scrolling through fields one at a time. It should display something like the entry forms you see on the net, when registering for a new email address, or something like that.
declanthedork (author)  BlessedWrath6 years ago
Sorry, I'm not really sure. I'm a little rusty with Base now, but you could probably just play around with the settings. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
dchall86 years ago
Thanks for doing this. I was curious but not curious enough to load OO. It sounds like the OO database is more like Access than Filemaker Pro. Would you agree?
declanthedork (author)  dchall86 years ago
Yeah. It's definitely a lot more like Access