Picture of Make a Death Note using Graphite Transfer
Need a Death Note for your next cosplay? Just want a coffee table piece? Make one today with this foolproof method that even the most artistically challenged can do.

I actually haven't watched alot of Death note, but my friend has a sister who absolutely loves it. For her birthday, said friend wanted to get her a Death Note. He didn't know how to do it and since I'm an Art Education major he drafted me to do it.

Using a graphite transfer method was the simplest and most cost effective means I could think of. So long as you can color in the lines you're good. I made Brian's sister two notebooks, Light Yagami's and Misa Amane's. Since it was finals week when he asked me to do this, I made Light's first. I didn't think to make an instructible until I got around to this one. I used the same method for Light's.

Also, don't mind my terrible pictures. I didn't have any other camera save for the webcam that was build into my computer.

Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
You'll need:

Black Notebook (I have Moleskine notebooks, but any kind that isn't spiral bound should do.)
Paper (not shown)
Printer (not shown)
Silver Sharpies
Flat surface to work on

Step 2: Find your image

Picture of Find your image
Step one.JPG

I used these images for the two Death Notes I made. Misa's is from a much larger picture that I didn't bother saving. Feel free to save yourself some searching time and use these. Load them into Microsoft Word and size them to your preference. I used landscape mode for this one, but portrait for Light's. Either way works fine.
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lan6261 year ago
Nice way of making it!
You could also try using pre-made graphite or chalk transfer paper, available at most craft supply stores, for those of you who prefer that sort of thing.
cdousley3 years ago
What a nice notebook, I should write my name in it so nobody will steal it.
nah, I wouldn't worry
brox666563 years ago
i think your face is cute